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I have a huge passion to see young adults live fulfilled.

I have worked closely with them in the last 18 years both through the operations of The Birthplace Empowerment Foundation Birthplace Foundation (which I founded) and several other organizations whose platforms I have been privileged to speak at.

I hold Bachelors Degrees in ♦️Agricultural Science Education
♦️Christian Education and ♦️Theology respectively.
 I am also a
♦️Certified Counselor and ♦️Certified NLP Practitioner amongst several other trainings.

These have given me the EXPOSURE and EXPERTISE required to understand and address Young Adults' peculiar challenges in these 7 areas

✔Clarity of Purpose

✔Spiritual Growth and Stability

✔Building and Maintaining Profitable Relationships

✔Developing Formidable Leadership Skills

✔ Harnessing Pain for a Higher Purpose

✔Fulfiling Callings and Mandates.

✔ Driving  Social Change

If you are planning an event for young people which happens to have a bearing to any of the above 7 areas and haven't considered me yet?

Are you really sure you intend to host a life changing event?

You need me to create a life-changing event that keeps your attendees returning every year.

Let's cook up your next event together.

Looking to invite me?

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