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I consider it a privilege to serve in the area of mentoring.  

It will be a thing of honour to help you gain momentum for the heights you are destined to climb in this season of your life.

Mentoring Exclusive is a rugged journey, charged with 
👉 Inspiration
👉 Brutal honesty
👉 Compelling insight.

You are never going to feel sorry for the "high" desires your soul houses nor think "lowly" of your capacity and the vast possibilities littered around and within you.

Your mind, life and results are about to experience a trajectory shift!

Meanwhile, some people think they should sign up for Mentoring Exclusive when what they really need is already delivered in our various non-exclusive mentoring programs.
I suggest you go first to Mentoring Programs  and take a good look at the non-exclusive programs and see if what you need has already been handled there.

If yes, it will profit you to enroll and get started on your path to fulfillment.


If you have decided that what you want is a kick in the butt, vision manifesting, goal alive experience, then absolutely proceed with Mentoring Exclusive!

Wait a Minute!


Mentoring is a legacy path for me. Therefore, I am not going to pour my life, time and resources into just any Jane or Joe who shows interest or can afford the fee.

 I am strictly looking for people who are

Young (Specifically below age 40)
Desperate to live out their purpose
Passionate about Impart through social enterprise 
Passionate about Impart through ministry

If that sounds like you, you just might be the person I am living for.


🔘4 weeks
     🌟 N20000 (Twenty thousand naira)

🔘 12 weeks
     🌟 N40000 (Forty thousand naira)

🔘 24 weeks
     🌟 N80000 (Eighty thousand naira)

🔘 40 weeks
 🌟 N120000 (One hundred and Twenty thousand naira)

A one-time registration fee of N10000 (Ten thousand naira) is required for any of the duration.


It might interest you to know that, people on a mentoring Exclusive relationship with me, enjoy 

Hands-on training in specific areas in which they seek growth and development.

Quality access into my life, social enterprise and ministry.

While I have always been an open person, there are several behind the scene moments that my valuable protegee's have exclusive access to. This level of access into my world, has by God's grace fueled their passion and purpose for kingdom relevance and puissant impart in sectors peculiar to their calling.

Weekly supervision and constructive feed back on your vision and the assignment under your watch (For the duration of our engagement).

Life-time access to exclusive articles written solely for this program and designed to get you RESULTS (You will never catch it on my blog or social media).

Discounted access to all new books and resources I publish in the year you are enrolled.

 Unfiltered  teachings and exposure to the seven principles that radically changed my approach to life and the vision under my watch. GUARANTEED TO IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS in social enterprise and ministry.

VIP sitting at all Birthplace Conferences in the year you are enrolled (comes with additional goodies in your conference pack)

Monthly Live Result Enhancement

If this is part of what you seek? Then you are talking to the right mentor.


Click the email link below to send a message.

Be sure to include your
Age and briefly
Describe why you want a mentoring relationship with me

and the Duration you are interested in.



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