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I'm in this with you

You may not know what’s wrong but you don't feel generally okay. You are not alone.

Often, people reach out to me because they know something’s not right with how they are feeling.

Perhaps you are feeling confused, sad, angry, lost, hopeless, defeated, frustrated.

Maybe you are experiencing nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks.

Are you struggling spiritually?
Are you having trouble with your relationships, at work, at home and socially?

I can help.

Being a Certified Counselor and Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, I combine 
✔Empathy and 
✔Exposure in helping you make quality decisions and take necessary actions required for you to live fulfilled.

My Approach

I am a Ceritifed Ministerial/Pastoral Counselor trained in Behavioural sciences.
I am therefore integrative in my practise. 

I combine aspects of different approaches to provide the most effective way out for my clients.

Here is a list of techniques/styles I commonly work with.

đŸ”˜ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

đŸ”˜Neuro-Linguistic Programming

đŸ”˜Person-Centred Counseling

đŸ”˜ Solution Focused Brief Therapy

đŸ”˜Group Therapy

đŸ”˜Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Areas of Concentration

✔Life Purpose

✔Hurt and Emotion Healing

✔Sexual Abuse and Rape Recovery

✔Mental Abuse

✔Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

✔ Personal Growth


✔Spiritual Growth

✔ Bereavement/Grief/Loss/ Break up

✔Low Self Esteem



✔ Setback and recovery


Premium is most suitable for you if you already know what you need help with. For instance, if you just had a break up and need help with the confusion and hurt, you can opt for a premium appointment.

✔N10000 (Ten thousand naira)
✔ 20 minutes (Twenty Minutes)
✔ Chat

Deluxe is most suitable if you are not sure what you are dealing with and prefer a more detailed session.

✔N30000 (Thirty thousand naira)
✔ 50 minutes (Fifty Minutes)
✔ Choose between Chat/Phone call/ Email.
✔ 10 minutes free assessment

Royale is most suitable if you are not sure what you are dealing with, prefer a more detailed session and require therapy.

✔N50000 (Fifty thousand naira)
✔ 2 sessions, 30 minutes each
✔Choose between Chat/Face-to- Face, phone call/ Email.
✔ 10 minutes free assessment
✔ Take home exercices/practice
✔Follow up inbetween sessions

Exclusive is most suitable if you are not sure what you are dealing with, prefer a more detailed session, seek longer lasting results, stand-by assistance and require therapy.

✔N120000 (One hundred and twenty thousand naira)
✔ 3 sessions, 30 minutes each
✔1 free 20 minutes session
✔Choose between Chat/Face-to- Face, phone call/ Email.
✔ 10 minutes free assessment
✔ Take home exercices/practice
✔Follow up inbetween sessions
✔Personalized email assistance for 4 weeks after your last session.

Get in touch

Click the email link below to send a message.

Be sure to include your
Age and briefly
Describe your situation
and the counseling option/packaging/Pricing you are interested in.



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