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Hey, Thanks for checking in!

Let me guess ..…
You are probably on this page because it’s me right?
Well I’m not so dumb to believe that.

I believe you hit this page because something inside of you wants more than life appears to be bringing your way. You know there is more to your present abilities and you are ready to learn, encounter, know what it takes to be better at who you are and what you do.

Well, I’m not a seer (you never can tell though); so if the above is true about you, keep reading.
If it isn’t? Feel free to hit the close tab on your browser.

I’m primarily gifted to birth purpose in the heart of people seeking direction in life, graced to teach them to nurse the vision they see and anointed to prophetically empower them to live fulfilled.

I understand that my birthing purpose, nursing vision, fulfilling destiny assignment isn’t to everyone.  I’m sent to young (with the capacity to envision) people who desire to be relevant, purposeful and influential. Now if that describes you? I recommend that you read these books.

Bimbo had 40 years to live. 

Born January, 11 1985, she is a millennial with more than half her life gone by January, 11 2019.

Having a great career, an exciting marriage and heavy bank account balance was more than enough for Bimbo until February 10th 2019, when she learns that she has 6 years to live.

What would you do with your last days, if you were Bimbo?

Stewarding your days for Influence, Impart and Immortality would lead your mind, soul and spirit to a place where you become

➡️empowered and 
➡️equipped to effectively harness your fleeting days for 
✔earthly rewards and
 ✔eternal dividence.


I wish I could make more money.
I wish I could live in that big part of town.
I wish I could go on vacations

I wish She/He would be mine.
I wish I could serve God better.
I wish I were as smart as Senseboy.

I wish I were the CEO.
I wish they would respect me more
I wish I could get that raise.
I wish I had bigger organs.
I wish, I wish, I wish.

Enough, You've said that enough.
Your wishes are valid!

You have one life to live.
Shouldn't you live deeply fulfilled?
Dreams fill your soul like fog on a misty morning.

You pray, you hope, you labour, yet your dreams remain wishes.

Fear, waned excitement, unforeseen obstacles, distraction, procrastination are some of the storms you struggle with.

You’ve won at some things in life and lost at others; some of which are very dear wishes. Are you tired of losing?

Here is a no-nonsense, common sense guide to uncommon results in every dimension of your life.
In this book I share with you an ageless power and  principles used by several notable people to turn their wishes into wins.

In the first part of this book (rule storms), 

I show you how to navigate the 5 most common and deadly storms of life. 

These storms challenge your desires, incapacitate your wishes and prevent you from recording the wins that you deserve. 

👉You will learn to wield these storms to do your bidding.

In the second part (execute missions),

I show you the 8 powers upon and by which every notable result is built.

👉You will execute your missions effectively and excellently. No more regrets, No more wasted resources, No more misplaced priorities, No more buried hopes. 

In the third part (Grab gold), I share with you 7 qualities of people who turn wishes into wins. Never again would you worry that the good you deserve is yet to manifest because 

👉You will become someone who turns wishes into wins and live unapologetically fulfilled.

💥💥💥Let’s get you started on your best life yet.

Now you too can,

•Ruthlessly rule your storms

 •Effectively execute your mission and

•Unapologetically grab GOLD every where it matters.

Would you pass on such an opportunity?

ORDER NOW (Paper back)



 Just use the bank details below to Order
Guaranty Trust Bank
Princess Anne Atulaegwu
PAPER BACK N6000 (Excluding delivery)
Ecopy N4000

Then SMS Name and physical address for paperback or Email for Ebook to 07017654880

In the book Prothesis you will:

*Learn details about God's perfect design for your life.
*Learn to let God lead you into His flawless purpose for you.
*Understand the link between your gifts/talents and your purpose.
*Understand the power and purpose of a personal covenant with God Learn to walk in obedience to God's direction
*Get powerful glimpses into your destiny
*Be empowered to make your mark, be relevant and live fulfilled.

This book challenges you to move from where you are to where you ought to be - a glorious fulfilling life!
Join me on a journey to fulfillment. 

PRICE: N2500 (PDF and EPUB)

CLICK FOR EPUB (E book containing text only)
CLICK FOR PAPER BACK (physical book)

 In TAMAR, I tell the epic story of three women whose names bonded them-TAMAR.

Raped by a brother, Denied by her father-in-law and raised by an abused aunt respectively, all three women aptly represent the various forms of abuse faced by men and women in our societies today.
Buried in its pages is lasting freedom from all forms of abuse- physical, emotional, financial and even spiritual!

Relevant to men and women

PRICEN1500 (Any format)
CLICK FOR EPUB (E book containing text only)
SMS 070-3880-3218 FOR PAPER BACK (physical book)

Many people think it is okay to just have a dream and work hard or smart (whatever your school of thought).
However, success in all of its holistic definition is more than that!
In this book, Anne Atulaegwu interestingly shows you 

*7 warning signs that you might be  ruining all you are currently working for.

*Helps you identify the triggers associated with self sabotaging behaviours.

*Leads you to a productive place of self awareness for increased productivity and better relationships.

*Exposes practical approaches to dealing with habits such as lies, haste, excessive love of pleasure, impulsive spending, slothfulness/Laziness, Lose/Leaking mouth and stinginess.

*Empowers you to GET BACK ALL you’ve ignorantly or mistakenly ruined.

Love your future? Read this fast

             N5000 (Paper back)

CLICK FOR PDF (E book containing text & images)
CLICK FOR EPUB (E book containing text only)
CLICK FOR PAPER BACK (physical book) or text 07038803218 (N5000)

Living in times when days fly by fast, technology gets upgraded per second and last night’s most trendy dress takes the back seat by morning; we sure need some stability for our souls without losing touch with the times.

If you’ve ever desired a richer, fuller life that includes material blessings and the true riches of eternal worth? Then you must become wise- a person who heeds instruction.

In the Executive summit series, Anne Atulaegwu serves you a good doze of stability and wisdom required for you to live fulfilled, make you mark where it matters most and retain relevance in an ever changing world.

            N4000 (Paper back)

CLICK FOR PAPER BACK (physical book) or text 07038803218 

This book is the first of a series; designed like a magazine with illustrative images to help you capture its message.

In this volume, you will learn to
· Overcome the fear of new beginnings
· Get over depression
· Do exploits while being approachable for marriage
· Step into your purpose and impart lives
· Balance school, work and ministry
· Know the difference between God’s voice and your mind

PRICEFREE (Any format)
CLICK FOR PDF (E book containing text & images)
Unavailable in  PAPER BACK (physical book)



“I thought I knew my purpose because I was doing well and all; but when I read your book-Prothesis, my eyes opened to how far behind I was in God’s design/will for me. Thank you, Anne! May God continue to increase His wisdom in you. You have stretched me beyond the limits of my world. I’m a better version of me now! 
Gary Whiteford – FL, USA

“Thanks for writing Tamar. You helped me see why those painful experiences have happened to me. I’m determined to not let them decide how my life goes anymore. I finally found the strength to forgive my abusers and I believe God for my future. Thank you for letting God use you.” Ife Oluwatimilehin- Ibadan, NG

“ The 7 signs book was eye-opening. In a word, it’s a heart-friendly-read”
Chika Eric ogbonna- Lagos NG

" I'm inspired. I love touching lives. This book has inspired and encouraged me to do more. The book also showed me how to achieve some of my recent goals.
Thanks sis, I love you."
Uzoamaka Ene- Lagos NG

Committed to your Fulfillment!
Anne Atulaegwu



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