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Evangelist by Calling and priestly Ordination
Teacher by Design
Prophet by Grace
Midwife by Mandate

Princess-Anne’s mantle is to BIRTH and EQUIP a harvest of young people and women who being firmly established in Christ, radically execute God’s agenda upon systems and spheres of influence for local and global alignment with the Kingdom. For this course, she manifests as a Speaker, Mentor, Counselor, Purpose Coach, Author, Poet, Seer, Song writer, Psalmist, prophetic interpreter and Educational Consultant.

Princess-Anne Emeka-Obiajunwa (nee Atulaegwu) has been in active ministry since 2001. “I’m a full time minister and part-time everything else”. She often says. 
Anne has personally mentored over 200 young people through one-on-ones and her signature mentoring programs.

She is the founder of The Birthplace Empowerment Foundation; a youth and women faith based NGO which has helped over 700 teenage girls break free from the shackles of sexual and emotional abuse, helped 7 young women heal and thrive after a rape experience, helped over 500 young women heal from emotional wounds and live out their true purpose, equipped thousands of youths to break mental and spiritual limitations to emerge into their fullness as productive individuals, inspired and provided supplies for over 4500 residents of 5 communities with poor living condition in Nigeria, through conferences, mentoring programs, counselling and outreaches.

Having experienced the pain of heartbreaks, fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and miscarriages, Anne has triumphed into a compassionate succour and beacon of hope and wisdom for women dealing with similar issues.

Anne is an insanely creative lover of colours. Combined with her 9 year expertise in media, she founded Colourplay Graphics and Digital solutions which assists individuals and businesses strategize and implement winning graphics, digital and social media moves for exposure and earnings. Her specialty includes branding and organization Identity creation, SEO optimization and analysis, social media branding and page management, content writing, creation, curation and marketing, video production and editing, animation, graphics design, email marketing, website design/publishing and consumer behavior psychology.

Educated at the Univeristy of Nigeria, Nsukka, Faith college of Arts and Theology, Lagos, Scottish Centre of Neurolinguistic Programming, UK and presently at Liverpool John Moore’s University, UK, Anne continues to improve her intellect for the purpose of being effective in her life assignment.

Princess-Anne Emeka-Obiajunwa currently resides in Anambra State, Nigeria with her prominent Igwe (King) and exceptional children.

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Anne has authoured 9 books and published 6. Her newest release is TURN WISHES TO WINS.

She has personally mentored over 200 teenagers and young adults.

The first platform (excluding her church and high school) Anne graced as a guest/Public Speaker was a youth conference at The Redeemed Christian Church of God, at age 14.

Ever since, Anne has never stopped honouring note-worthy invitations to speak at several events organised by religious and corporate bodies across the globe.

At age16, Anne's Family had just recently relocated to Olodi Apapa when she noticed the menace youths in the area struggled with. 

At age 17 she enroled at Faith College of Arts and Theology to gain skills required to influence and impact young people. She first studied Theology and later studied Christian Education and Ministerial Counseling.

At age 18 (2007), She began hosting a bi-monthly conference (Eagle's Soar) for young people living in Ajegunle and Olodi Apapa Axis of Lagos state to help them embrace purpose and overcome the menace of the environment.

At age 19, she enrolled at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to study Agricultural Science Education.

At age 20 (2009), while on Campus, she founded Tamar's Pouch. A gender focused organization with the vision to help girls and women through peculiar challenges especially sexual and emotional abuse. This was due to a personal experience and what she saw girls in unhealthy relationships experience on Campus.

At age 23 (2012), Anne founded The Birthplace Empowerment Foundation which presently serves as a chief to the organizations she founded before then and afterwards.

In the last 12 years (2007-2019)
The Birthplace Foundation has (with the help of volunteers, family, friends and partners) empowered many young people through 21 conferences, 10 outreaches and 12 mentoring programs.

Our impact at the foundation has

✔Helped over 700 teenage girls break free from the shackles of sexual and emotional abuse through 
Save A girl Child Outreach.

✔Helped 7 young women heal and thrive after a rape experience.

✔Empowered over 500 young women heal from emotional wounds, find and live out their true purposes through Tamar's Pouch Conferences.

✔Empowered 65 young people to unapologetically live fulfilled through mentoring.

✔Equipped 30 young women with skills essential for financial independence.

✔Inspired and equipped over 700 youths to break limitations and emerge into their fullness as productive individuals through Eagle's Soar Conferences.

✔Inspired and provided supplies
for over 4500 residents of 5 communities with poor living condition through JTOW outreach.

Yeah right, bios can make people look like they fell from cloud perfect huh?

Well, I didnt. I'm just some young girl who is passionate about Christ, the assignment, life and people.

Don't love me yet though, LOL
I'm not your regular next door girl. Neither am I some weirdo. I'm just a girl.

Below, i'm going to open up a little so just incase you met me in person, you will already know me.

Umm, one more thing. 

I get bored easily and because I wouldn't want you to get bored on me, I'm going to break this gist in bits.

Let's go!


I write every single day of my life. It could be poetry, non-fiction books, really short fiction stories, song or something. I just write. It’s not only a gift with which I serve the Lord and people; it’s my refresh-therapy.

I do weekly videos on my youtube channel. You can check it out and dont forget to subscribe. Prior to each video shoot, i spend everyday in the week searching my spirit for the right thing to say to my priceless audience.

I don’t mess with my “quiet time” (and by the way I hate to call it that because it makes it look like you go in and shut up before the Lord) even though I sometimes (rarely though) go a day without reading my bible.  Well, I talk a lot when I get in there and I equally shut up to hear my love (the Christ) speak back to me.

I love to talk to people and I hug people because I want them to know that they are accepted.

Hmmm I laugh loudly. I wish someone could teach me to do those bottled up chuckles people do. I guess i'm too local to laugh "polished".

Life is meant to be expressed and I never miss a chance to laugh when I get one.

Yeah, when i'm unhappy, bothered or brooding over something? you can tell because i'm very readable.

I’m a blend of emotionalism and pragmatism. So you never can be sure which of those buttons I will pull on a matter. You know we have to let the Lord lead now? LOL

I think a lot.
Don’t ask what I think about because it’s random. However, I notice it’s often futuristic.


  I name inanimate belongings. For example, Sheila is my MAC PC, Halia is my Hewlett-Packard PC. Gregory, Sindy and George are three paper made fishes (that seat in a box designed to mimic an aquarium) placed on my desk at the office!

   I strongly dislike laundry. I do it because I have to. 

  I love cooking A LOT but I hate peeling tubers- yam, sweet potato, cassava etc.
  I can dance anywhere- even right at the middle of the road so long as they play a song I totally love. One of those songs is FRANK EDWARDS' OKAKA

  And oh I so badly don’t want to miss the rapture because i'm looking forward to staying all day in Jesus' bedroom while i sometimes take king David on a date.

From One Of My Youtube Sessions


Well, I wish I could say I was a rebel, went through hell and one historic morning Jesus found me. It turns out that isn’t my story. I was lucky, really lucky to know the Lord personally at age 9. He found me, loved on me, told me he had a plan for my life and has mind-blowingly led me to this point where I’m daily seeking to please him and serving in ministry.
I was born and raised a preacher’s kid and I found church interesting. It was actually during a Tuesday bible study, while my father Bishop Dr. Peter Atulaegwu taught about the end-time, rapture and all, that Jesus gripped my heart for life. I shared quite some details in my book PROTHESIS

He is a warm kind man with the ability to play like a child. He understands the need for me to live out the dreams and purposes that God has placed in my heart and gives me the support and space I need to live those out.

He has an eye and preference for excellence but doesn’t take things too seriously that he forgets to laugh about events and the jokes life or either of us bring our way.

He doesn’t mind me turning our bed into my bouncing castle when I want to play with him nor does he mind dancing to the songs I composed in his name.

The thing I love the most about him is the fact that he doesn’t mind singing to me at bedtime before I drift off into dream world.

I also like that I get the privilege to support his dreams and purposes and I enjoy being his perfect cheer leader!!!

And you know what?
I’m still patiently looking out for Him. If you know where he is, tell him to call me up ASAP.

Scratch that!
He found me on December 29th 2018 and he is just as I described above and more.

Want more gist? Let's connect on social media. Instagram or Facebook, what's your flavor? 


  1. Great, nice vision. Keep blessing lives.......

  2. Thank you KINGSLEY! I'm glad you are inspired. Go make your mark!!

  3. Please ma'am, can I get FACAT website

  4. Hello mimi, You can get info at the school's Admin office in Lagos. 5 AGBC avenue off fasasi street by newroad bustop, Olodi Apapa Lagos

  5. nice one dear, keep soaring high and high. because that is the estate you operate from(His presence).

    1. awww thank you so much Pastor Israel!!!
      Amen, I soar!!!
      Kind regards to mama

  6. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! keep up the good work Living Well CBT Counselling

  7. I like your natural flow with words. I like that you do you, simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing yourself with us Anne.

    1. Awwww. Itis sucha an honour for me to do so. Thank you for your time.


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