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Hello people of God!  It’s a privilege to be alive on this  side of existence in such times. A lot is happening behind the scene in the unseen realm. God wants us to be alert, informed and involved.  This year, the Hebrew calendar and the Gregorian calendar aligns perfectly on  April, 1 to 30th 2022. By that, I mean the Hebrew month of  Nissan and our Gregorian April begins on same day. The last time it happened was in 1957 (65 years ago). In the last 200 years (since 1889), this is the 5th time such an alignment is occurring. The other times it happened were in, 1908, 1938,1946,1957 and now 2022. WHAT ABOUT THE MONTHS?  While Nissan occurs as the 7th month after the start of the Jewish civil new year Rosh Hashanah (Occurs in September), it is regarded as the first of months in the Bible ( Exodus 12:2)  Hence it is the biblical new year (Rosh Chodesh). The word Nissan comes from the Hebrew word Miracle. The Jews refer to it as Miracles of Miracles.  This is the time when the barley har