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 6 years gone, wow!!!

With your help, We have been to 5 communities Ajegunle,Amukoko,  MakokoIlaje-Bariga , Ifesowapo mile 12, providing supplies for 4,500 people and ministering the essence of Christ and life to them.

See the 
interesting story of how it all began here

On this 6th outreach, we are going to Ilaje Otumara Community in Ebute-metta, Lagos. 

The riverine community established in 1930 is situated in the heart of Lagos and is very strategically positioned  close to Ikoyi, costain junction and the bridge connecting Lagos mainland to the island. 

Joke Falaju of Sunday magazine has this to say about Ilaje Otumara


The community is so filthy that a first time visitor cringes, while many safety and health experts that have visited it conclude that no decent human being should be staying there. But alas, for more than 89 years, hundreds of thousands have been born and raised in the community, which is home to more than 500, 000 inhabitants.



Ranging from the stench oozing from the stagnant, dark, and thick content of the drainage, to the vast swathes of filth evenly spread across the community, the entire area hits a first timer in the face as a community that is just not fit for habitation. But not only are thousands of residents dwelling in this community, they are also raising their children there.

The poor sanitary condition of the community is worsened by the fact that most houses in the area are without toilets. Even though there is a community toilet, which is unkempt, those who cannot use the toilet wrap the faeces in cellophane bags and haul them into the lagoon, which borders the community.

The above gives a very perfect description of the living condition of the people of Ilaje Otumara community.


How we choose our outreach destinations aka OUR FAVOURITE PLACES

We love to go wherever there is a need for physical supplies and the love of Christ, particularly  communities or nations with
•Poor living condition
• High mortality rate
•Poor access to Education
•Low believing or non-Christian population

Considering the poor living condition of the people, slum environment and a higher number of residents being  non-christians, Ilaje-Otumara community is definitely one of our favourite places.

       Jtow outreach at Makoko


To aid members of ailing communities/Nations live fulfilled lives.


We aid members of ailing communities/Nations live fulfilled lives by providing physical supplies to meet their needs and exposing their minds/hearts to the love of Jesus Christ the Saviour.

At this 2020 outreach,We will impact the lives of over 3000 people with material supplies and the message of Christmas.

Would you partner with us by donating items or/and cash?


Kindly pay into


The Birthplace Empowerment Foundation

What we do with your financial donations

📌 Pick Up supplies from donors.
📌Hire Van to convey supplies and team to outreach location
📌Buy packaging materials for supplies.
And incases where we don't find partners,
Your financial donations
📌 Pay for services such as photography, volunteer lunch, public address system, dry cleaning services etc.


Please SMS Name, Full address, Items to +234-802-407-4129. We will come get it. You don't need to move.


Food stuffs, Clothes- New/Gently Worn, Shoes,Books

Packaged clothes ready for outreach


Volunteer sorting through donations before packaging 

You can help change lives through JTOW outreach by serving in the following units

LAUNDRY: This team would help sort, wash (where necessary) and Iron wears.

: This team would help place items in their individual packs.

DISTRIBUTION: This team would go with us on the actual day to distribute items to the community. Everyone on this team is required to purchase and wear the JTOW T-shirt.

INTERCESSION: This team would help establish the salvation of souls. A few physical meeting and several whatsapp meetings would be held.

SOCIAL MEDIA: This team would help rebroadcast approved posts on social media concerning the outreach.

The outreach to Ilaje otumara is scheduled for  Saturday,

December 19, 2019.

Till then, the team and I would be busy picking up supplies from donors, sorting,washing, ironing, packaging, interceding and generally preparing for the Ilaje Otumara people.

CLICK to see past  Birthplace  Foundation events

CLICK to learn more about JTOW

Thank you for the numerous ways you have stood by us to impart lives. Let's do this again

Committed to your fulfilment

Anne  Emeka- Obiajunwa


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