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                              Graphics by Miracle Obiorah Please find specific prophetic instruction highlighted in yellow ink.  The gates of Nigeria are opening Where are the gate keepers?  Arise let us man the gates. "The prince of persia" tries to invade,  the gate keepers must arise.  We built a chain. We man the gates. This times are crucial. This not a time to sleep. Guard the gates of every axis in Nigeria. Guide the gates.  The "Prince of Persia" approaches. They are coming from the north. They are not Nigerians but they are masquerading as northern Nigerians. Their faces are covered in white clothes. They are dressed like Arab muslims. We must stay in prayer. Long after these protests are over.  The above is as seen and heard by  Kellar Usiayo   October 13 2020 Notes :  Prince of Persia  is a symbolical name  / a typology for the opposing prince (Principality) assigned by the enemy against the destiny of Nigeria. In Daniel 10:13, the Angel sent to deliver


 6  years gone, wow!!! With your help, We have been to 5 communities  Ajegunle , Amukoko ,   Makoko ,  Ilaje-Bariga  ,  Ifesowapo mile 12 , providing supplies for 4,500 people and ministering the essence of Christ and life to them. See the  interesting story  of how it all began  here On this 6th outreach, we are going to  Ilaje Otumara Community in Ebute-metta, Lagos.  💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 The riverine community established in 1930 is situated in the heart of Lagos and is very strategically positioned  close to Ikoyi, costain junction and the bridge connecting Lagos mainland to the island.  Joke Falaju of Sunday magazine  has this to say about Ilaje Otumara   The community is so filthy that a first time visitor cringes, while many safety and health experts that have visited it conclude that no decent human being should be staying there. But alas, for more than 89 years, hundreds of thousands have been born and raised in the community, which is home to more than 500, 000 in