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Prophetic update

There is a recalibration happening during this season. God is testing kingdom agents to ensure that they are on the same frequency as He. 

Signals are flying all over, are you picking them up? If you are picking them up, how accurately?

We normally hold #alignmentprayers on Thursdays. I was wondering why God kept pressing it on my heart to hold it on tuesday (August 18), which happened to be a very inconvenient time/ day for me to  host  anything. I had to ask him why he picked Tuesday.

He let me in on the information below.

There is a shifting and shaking off happening today (August 18). This shaking separates those who are ready to be used in God's next big move, from those who are not. 

Those who are dull or asleep in spirit would be shaken off. They will not partake in the privileges and the responsibilities of this next move. 

Those who are selected would be shifted into new dimensions in their walk with God.  They will be given new grounds and experience greater glory.

August 18 is the day of selection/shaking. To be selected, you must tune up to God's present frequency. 

God says, many believers are distracted and relaxed. They don't know what's happening. 

The earth-proof  that a shift is  scheduled, is the new moon's occurrence today, August, 19 2020. 

The aligning prayer is available here and here; Join us as we press in prayer till we be in tune with the father.

The following Prophetic words came to us as we prayed. 

My spirit shall break forth across the earth. The smallest among you shall be a thousand. The weakest among you shall take on Nations. 

Like a whirlwind my spirit shall blow across the earth to reset and restore ancient landmarks and the victory of my son on the desolate places. 

The Shifting has  already  begun. A  ripened harvest is coming up on very obscure parts of the earth, particularly the Islamic Nations An effective door of ministry is opened for my people in Islamic nations.

Gird up your loins and work. My spirit is set on a speed mode upon the earth. No turninng back, no time wasting, rise up and run!

Those who align with my purpose, I shall set up for constant victories. 

I have released refreshing rain upon the weary. I release supernatural skills upon the earth. These skills are divine abilities to create/design unique innovations in spheres.

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Those who are aligned with my spirit are exempted from the forth coming famine upon the earth. You must awake and obey my voice; for only then shall you receive instruction for provision. This famine is for the showcase of my glory among the heathen. 

No longer shall sons be crucified at the markets of negotiations in exchange for the mundane; for I shall quicken their hearts to the voice of the father. 

The clouds are gathering for a mighty outpour of my glory across the nations. Every eye shall see it.

In these last days, my glory shall cover sons like a cloak and  be visible.

I have given you the right to declare my power; to shift systems. Go forth and declare my glory upon the nations.

 I am phasing out the old order. The new is here,where my sons shall manifest my glory across the earth. It is a season of the manifestation of sons, the unfolding of glory for sons who are aware.

At the appearance of these sons, systems crumble without them saying a word; then they shall set up my will in those places.

The power of false prophets are broken. My people shall not be deceived. In this season, they shall know clearly what my will is. 

I have moved. Let the old go. Come into my glory. 

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My sons explode like bombs across the earth. It is an explosive awakening of an army. The enemy didn't see this coming.

The Glory is here! Sons of glory advancing in their ranks. Men whom righteousness is their back bone, mighty in power and glory. 

It shall be as nothing that they have never seen, hear or written about. I shall show off my power. Men shall know that I am the lord of host who rule from generation to generation. 

Received August 18, 2020.

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  1. Am so glad i joined on the prayers,the presence of the Lord filled the atmosphere. Thank you Lord.

    1. Hallelujah!!!! Thank you joining in. God bless you.


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