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Sons are arising in their ranks 

Never to be stopped

A new breed of awoke men

Precise in understanding

Swift in obedience

Fervent in faith

Pure in heart

Dance for the harvest 

         shall no longer waste

The dawn is here

My will prevails

For the sons have come

They come from various 

    parts of the earth

Unassuming but efficient

Young and old,

Suckling babes and mothers

Affluent and servants

They shall prevail

Dance for the harvest 

         shall no longer waste

The dawn is here

My will prevails

For the sons have come

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Sharpen your swords

Position in your fields

Take no oath with the world

For your time has come

Drop the distractions

Strife, envy, offense

The battle's too fierce for that

Now everyone to his portion

Exchange not the focus

Keep your eyes on the prize

Do not be joined with them

For everyone must race

Follow the voice

The king leads this host

Look not on yourselves

Now the morning sun is come


New streams are released

Where are the sons of the river

Chant till it overflows

Your king is coming on a horse

No fear, No fear, No fear

No fear, No fear, No fear

Your King is coming on a horse

Streams of rejoicing breakforth

The people are dancing, is dawn

Sound the alarm in Zion

Strength has come on its oars

Received, August 25, 2020
3:45 am


  1. Ayaaaaaaaaaaaa 🔥

    No Fear, No Fear
    Sons of God are arising!

    Ayaaaaaaaaaaaa 🔥


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