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Hi, I'm Princess (Actual name) and I love colors!

But hey, that wasn't what got me into graphic designing. Wanting to help my home church got me into this. 

Here's How

My dad (our bishop) trained someone who was in charge of our designs at church for many years until the person decided he was leaving. 

The church started outsourcing designs. I didn't like what they were designing. It made our church brand look so 1816 (Ancient). 

In 2012, while I was serving in Ekiti state, I decided it was time to learn so that I can be the church's designer when I got back home.

I joined a church whose leadership promised to train me but didn't keep their word. 

I decided to go for paid classes and the guy made advances on the first day, even though he was married. I ran for my destiny. 

I became pissed and decided I was going to teach myself

This was 2012, we didn't have access to data plans as good as we do now. So I pretty much had to figure things out for me, with God's help. 

I began designing with Microsoft word. Yeah right, you can design lots of stuffs on Microsoft word too. 

I had  quite some romance with Corel draw and Photoshop until I found
Canva in 2014 and the rest they say is history.

Its been 6 years of actively designing on Canva . I've made book covers, websites, YouTube covers, workbooks and sheets, social media posts, flyers, banners, marketing videos, T-shirts, you name it; all on Canva!

You bet I know a thing or two (about graphic designing) worth sharing with you. 

Would you let me?



In 3 days (July 29, 30, 31) 2020, on a private Facebook group,  I will 

🎯 Share my graphics design expertise with you 

🎯Show you how, when and where to apply the skills you will get. 

🎯 Continue to provide guidance for your graphic design journey long after the class is over.

This class consist of  

📍7 modules containing easy step by step practical assignments you can master right away

📍1 Certification project

📍And a BONUS Module to help you get started on a graphic design business.

📍You will also a get a certificate as bragging right.

Ready to meet the Graphic Design Expert in you?

🎯 Make  the investment of N10000 (Ten thousand Naira) to GTBANK 0047372859 and send a WhatsApp message to +2347038803218 to get in class.  

See you in class,


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