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Hi, I'm Princess (Actual name) and I love colors! But hey, that wasn't what got me into graphic designing. Wanting to help my home church got me into this.  Here's How My dad (our bishop) trained someone who was in charge of our designs at church for many years until the person decided he was leaving.  The church started outsourcing designs. I didn't like what they were designing. It made our church brand look so 1816 (Ancient).  In 2012, while I was serving in Ekiti state, I decided it was time to learn so that I can be the church's designer when I got back home. I joined a church whose leadership promised to train me but didn't keep their word.  I decided to go for paid classes and the guy made advances on the first day, even though he was married. I ran for my destiny.  I became pissed and decided I was going to teach myself .  This was 2012, we didn't have access to data plans as good as we do now. So I


When Papa Paul describes Love in 1 Corinthians 13,  it was as though he was talking about a perfect being whose inability to get offended was raise to power infinity. To affirm that offense will definitely come if we chose to walk in love, He tells us that " Love  keeps no record of wrongs." How can we possibly keep no record, when our brains perpetually hold memories that we wish to delete? Well I've noticed over the years that details of events that hurt me badly tend to vanish over time as I heal up. If you can still remember dot to dot, line by line how it happened, then you are most likely still hurting. Read: In the words of Jesus Every time our mind recalls an event and we pay attention by mentally retelling the story or replaying the drama, we reinforce the feeling attached to that experience. Your mind would gradually let go, if you avoid retelling the story to yourself or others, and distract yourself from focusing on the story when the movie