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Passover is 6 days away. It would begin on the evening of April 8, 2020 and will end April 16, 2020. This year's passover is very unique. According to the Lord,

It has never been this way before and will not be afterwards.

 Here are some of the things that makes this year's passover unique.

During the Passover

I see horses racing down in haste towards a set destination.
I hear the words,
haste, haste!!
At the sound of those words, the horsemen ride faster. Furious is the best word to describe the speed.. Time has been adjusted to run faster  than normal, beginning from the start of the 2020 Feast of Passover. We will henceforth notice the days swiftly moving by.

The gates of righteousness will open wider than usual for more people to enter.
This means that salvation or soul harvest will be extremely easy during this time. The Lord is asking us to intercede for the salvation of souls and witness to people. If you have been contending for territories, or sensing that the Lord has given you a city but you are experiencing oppositions, that time is apt for you to pray and cease those cities or regions for the Lord.

There will be heavy angelic manifestations and operations and  the eyes of many would be open to see during this time. Angelic operations will be strongest within the hours of 3PM, 6PM and 9PM over cities and the men assigned to them. Stay prayed up!

Salvation restrictions over nations under satanic siege would be lifted. 
The passover is the time to penetrate, invade and lay hold of your inheritance.

I see innumerable believers been handed maps.
There will be clarity and distinct direction for as many who stay in prayer and alert in their spirits. These directions would be for every facet of life such as business direction, marital life, ministry, parenting/ child discipline issues and more.

Hallelujah, Many will be fed with supernatural strength!
Lukewarmness will give way, there will be massive prayer might for believers and ease of understanding into the word of God.

Prophetic songs will break forth all over the earth.
People will hear and sing them, even if they know nothing about such songs. The Lord will use their voices to register an agreement between man and Him for the forth coming judgement of the wicked and wave of revival .

As a result of the occurrences in the Spirit during the passover, 

Shortly after the passover, there will be a revival which will burst forth from the Northern part of Nigeria, it will sweep across campuses, blazing the youths and hit even Muslim communities.  The Lord is calling watchmen set over the north, to steward this operation through intense intercession.

False prophets will be judged and exposed in shame, for the flock to come to the true shepherd, Jesus Christ. The Lord is breaking the jaws of fake ministries suddenly. Genuine ministries should prepare for a harvest.

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Just after the passover

There will be an upsurge of the operation of the Spirit of lust and immorality across the nations, targeted specially at believers to defile us. We must all hide in the blood and take the communion regularly. This will collide with the withdrawal of the Covid-19 stay-home ban, when we would all return to our daily routine. We must guard our thoughts and desires. This has nothing to do with being single or married. 

The Lord promises to favour the ones who walk in holiness.

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I will be teaching on Instagram, next Wednesday, April 8, 2020, at 2PM

The passover begins on the evening of that day.

In case you are wondering, The passover is an 8-day feast that houses the period of easter (when we mark the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus  Christ).

I will be teaching by God's grace on the implications of the passover on our lives and sharing other prophetic insights peculiar to 2020's passover.

I invite you to follow me on instagram, so you can get notified when I go live.

Committed to your fulfillment

Anne Emeka-Obiajunwa


  1. Lord. Help me to Align. I seize my inheritance this season and manifest all You've spoken concerning me. Amen

  2. Replies
    1. To The King of Glory!

      Thank you for the comment.

  3. Lord,help me to be alert in this season,may I not be left out in all you are set to do in Jesus name Amen.

  4. God help me to align properly. I need you now more than before

  5. Set my life in alignment Lord and help me to stay focus when u come visiting.

    Thanks Mama. May your spiritual eyes not go dim.


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