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Satisfaction is a fulfilment of a need or desire. It is the pleasure obtained by such fulfilment. Recently, I  decided to detach from every human relationship by which I sought satisfaction. It wasn't easy until an experience with someone. At that point I realised though I am a Christian and a lover of Christ, I wasn't  totally relying on Him. I wondered if I trusted and loved God in a way that made me satisfied in Him.  I saw clearly that I had been busy with godly activities and was trying to get my satisfaction from all that. Note that I said I was trying to get my satisfaction from it, I never got it. I was  exhausted from various activities which I thought I was doing for God. I expected Him to be satisfied by my many activities as I sought satisfaction in same. I was occupied with everything else such that I no longer knew Him and I thought that was all there was to a love relationship with the Father. Read: When your desire meets his  passion


It was the time of the passover. I had seen 32 passover feasts, during which my family and I, my disciples and I (When I began my public ministry), would slay the chosen lamb in honor of the father's ordinance. In those 32 years, everytime we ate the passover lamb, I was reminded that someday I would be the lamb that was slain. This 33rd year as I walked into Jerusalem on the 10th day of Nissan when the Lamb was to be chosen, I willingly gave myself as the lamb to be slain. They hailed, called out to me hosanna meaning "Save Us". With every shout and scream, I was reminded of my purpose. The very reason I was born was to die for these and many to be saved. Every voice, every stare, every palm tree, stirred in me a strong desire to accomplish my purpose. They thought they were asking me for political redemption but I knew they were asking me for total redemption. That week, I had the most temptations of my life . My mind fought against the enemy as he


The human spirit was designed for an intimate, passionate, love relationship with God. God is so in love with man, that when Adam and  Eve were in the garden, He visited them each evening. (Genesis 3:8) When we become believers (restored and reconciled with God through Christ Jesus, we begin to enjoy a sweet fellowship with the God-head. Apostle Paul describes the structure of this sweet fellowship when He prayed for the Corinthian church thus; May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. 2 Corinthians 13:14 NLT Being human and living on earth where distractions abound, we sometimes lose sight of God, his love, his presence and the credibility of His faithfulness. Through the help of the HolySpirit, We see King Solomon documenting a conversation/love story between the Shulamite and the King. Understanding the characters Different translations use different identification for the characters. For in


Passover is 6 days away. It would begin on the evening of April 8, 2020 and will end April 16, 2020 . This year's passover is very unique. According to the Lord, It has never been this way before and will not be afterwards.  Here are some of the things that makes this year's passover unique. During the Passover I see horses racing down in haste towards a set destination. I hear the words, haste, haste!! At the sound of those words, the horsemen ride faster. Furious is the best word to describe the speed.. Time has been adjusted to run faster  than normal , beginning from the start of the 2020 Feast of Passover. We will henceforth notice the days swiftly moving by. The gates of righteousness will open wider than usual for more people to enter . This means that salvation or soul harvest will be extremely easy during this time. The Lord is asking us to intercede for the salvation of souls and witness to people. If you have been contending for territories, o