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The book of John opens with an interesting introduction of the person of Jesus. It is as though, Apostle John thought in his heart, "How would they understand his purpose, his sufferings, his temptations, his actions, his authority, the miracles and his behaviour if they don't know Him?"   

Jesus' Identity prophesied all that. So John took his time to introduce our Jesus in an interesting narrative recorded in John Chapter 1.

The 14 Identities of Jesus as seen in John Chapter 1 goes thus;

1. Jesus, the word

2. Jesus, the creator

3. Jesus, the life

4. Jesus, the light of all men

5. Jesus the begotten of the father

6. Jesus, the son of God

7. Jesus, the son of man (Made flesh)

8. Jesus, the Christ (Greek for the anointed one

9. Jesus, the Messiah (Hebrew for the anointed one)

10. Jesus, the lamb of God

11. Jesus, the master

12. Jesus of Nazareth, Son of Joseph

13.Jesus, the faultless

14. Jesus, the king of Israel

This introduction of Jesus stands as a foundation for the rest of the book. In confirmation, we see Jesus function in these various identities throughout scripture.

The questions to ponder are;

1. Which of these Identities of Jesus have you personally encountered?
2. Which of them are you drawn to the most?
3. Which of them are you most grateful for?
4. Which of them have impacted your life?

I will be waiting for you in the comment section.

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And, remember to share your answers to the questions to ponder above on the comments section.

Committed to your fulfilmentAnne Emeka-Obiajunwa


  1. Questions 2 - 4: Jesus the Life.
    Question 1: Jesus, the Messiah
    Jesus, the Word.
    Jesus, the Life
    Jesus, the son of God.

  2. January 21, 2020 at 8:07 AM
    I have personally encountered, Jesus the word. I remember been atshmatic as a little girl age 12. At the boarding house, I was known for my famous red cardigan that was always on me. After much frustration, one day at age 13. I intentionally resumed school without my inhaler. I told the Lord if He healed me, I would be grateful. I had heard my dad pray for people and having them healed by declaring "by his stripes we are healed". If that word is true, then, you've got to me heal me too."

    I had a major attack one day at school and I stood my ground. My colleagues gathered around and prayed for me. They asked for my inhaler and I let them know using signs that I didn't resume with it. I couldn't speak with all the woozing and trying to catch my breath.
    Atshma is a bastard!

    How that attack didn' t kill me that day could only be God. That was the last time I ever needed an inhaler. Today, I am free as air. The doctors said I couldn't be cured but JESUS, THE WORD CURED ME!

    Question 2.
    The Identities of Jesus I am drawn to the most are

    1. Jesus , the Christ.
    Agh! This anointed man drives me crazy in love with Him so much so I startes writing him love letters and romantic poems which I sometimes post on social media using the hash tags #AnneChristSeries #FatallyObsessed #GhastlyAddicted

    2. Jesus, the son of God.
    I am so drawn that it inspired our community outreach at the birthplace foundation -JTOW in bid to throw birthday parties for the son of God when we mark his birth at Christmas.

    I love Jesus, mehn!

    Question 3

    I am most grateful for Jesus, the lamb of God. Woe would have befallen me, If hadn't known Him as saviour who died to pay for my sins. Jesus, I am grateful!!!

    Question 4

    The Identity of Jesus that has impacted my life is Jesus, the master. I am always thinking about serving in ministry in a way that exactly matches his heart and passion. I don't want to be called home in death only to see a frown on his face. I love my master, I want to please Him not only in ministry but in every aspect of of my life!


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