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The year of Honor and Rewards, has been deeply fulfilling for us at the birthplace foundation and in the personal ministry of Anne because of the gift of YOU.

Your financial gifts, enabled us host Eagle's Soar and Tamar's Pouch conferences in Lagos, Portharcourt and Obigbo respectively. We also hosted  JTOW outreach in one of the underprivileged communities in Lagos, as well as gave financial support to other ministries who were committed to God's agenda.

Your intercessory commitment positioned the birthplace foundation as a center for God-encounters with men. Testimonies abound and we can't get over the joy of God's kindness.

To our core team members and our priceless volunteers, your services enabled us effectively execute the 2019 mission successfully.

See gallery for what we did together.
see Eagle's soar Testimonies
See Tamar's Pouch testimonies

Thank you for being there for the Birthplace foundation and I (Anne) respectively.

Although it is 3 days to the end of 2019, the God who shocks men with His goodness will shock you into 2020!!

Ready for 2020?
Click to see the prophetic word for 2020 here.

Looking forward to imparting more lives with you ❤

Committed to your fulfilment
Anne Emeka-Obiajunwa
Founder, The Birthplace Empowerment Foundation


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It was the time of the passover. I had seen 32 passover feasts, during which my family and I, my disciples and I (When I began my public ministry), would slay the chosen lamb in honor of the father's ordinance. In those 32 years, everytime we ate the passover lamb, I was reminded that someday I would be the lamb that was slain. This 33rd year as I walked into Jerusalem on the 10th day of Nissan when the Lamb was to be chosen, I willingly gave myself as the lamb to be slain. They hailed, called out to me hosanna meaning "Save Us". With every shout and scream, I was reminded of my purpose. The very reason I was born was to die for these and many to be saved. Every voice, every stare, every palm tree, stirred in me a strong desire to accomplish my purpose. They thought they were asking me for political redemption but I knew they were asking me for total redemption. That week, I had the most temptations of my life . My mind fought against the enemy as he


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