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For us at The Birthplace Foundation , 2020 is our year of ALIGNMEN T with God: His SOUND ; His SIGHT , His SCENT . To align is to be in a position of agreement or alliance with God, His Voice, Vision and Passion. It is a year of Many instruction and opportunities ; Clear signal s and Sign posts Requiring ✅ Swift response ✅ Perfect Execution 2020 is a year of Woke Callings and Informed execution . The spirit of God strongly desires to lead thirsty men onto green pastures for the restoration of their souls and the establishment of His kingdom in new and old territories. Callings will be awakened in the hearts of many and they will be equipped with necessary knowledge and power required for fulfilment. The 7 mountains of influence which are seen below shall be  significantly affected by the move of God through  woke callings and informed execution. 👉Religion 👉Family 👉Education 👉Government 👉Media 👉Arts & Entertainment 👉Business 2020 is


The year of Honor and Rewards, has been deeply fulfilling for us at the birthplace foundation and in the personal ministry of Anne because of the gift of YOU. Your financial gifts, enabled us host Eagle's Soar and Tamar's Pouch conferences in Lagos, Portharcourt and Obigbo respectively. We also hosted  JTOW outreach in one of the underprivileged communities in Lagos, as well as gave financial support to other ministries who were committed to God's agenda. Your intercessory commitment positioned  the birthplace foundation  as a center for God-encounters with men. Testimonies abound and we can't get over the joy of God's kindness. To our core team members and our priceless volunteers, your services enabled us effectively execute the 2019 mission successfully. See gallery for what we did together. see Eagle's soar Testimonies See Tamar's Pouch testimonies Thank you for being there for the Birthplace foundation and I (Anne) respectively.