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My husband had called last night to pray with me into the new month as our custom is, if I were home. It was then I realized that October was truly gone.

Amidst Sleepy eyes, stretchy bones and dreamy head, I asked the Lord what November was about. He said, "rest, rest on every side".

It wasn't what I was expecting to hear as it even sounded like something He had said to me in a previous month. I thought He would give me those words that spelt, smelt and tasted goodies, bounty, riches, fat goodness and all that as it was the end of the year.

He clearly knew what I was thinking when He said, "Annie, I don't speak to you for you alone".

 In other words, if you don't realize that you need it, there are people assigned to you who does. Go share it with them.

As I took the time to study the scriptures the Lord laid in my heart (2 Chronicles 20 and 1 kings 5) , my life in the last 2 months played out before me and I could see that I needed this rest that the Lord is promising His people.

I had a major hit sometime in September that tore my heart in several pieces. While by the Lord's help and that of my loved ones I have moved on, I still didn't realize that the experience left fragments of fear in me as I expect to receive God's promise fulfilled. I mean, how can you have both faith and fear live in your heart and claim to know rest?

God is definitely wise. He gave me the needed word.


Three nations had their armies gang up against Judah and young King Jehoshaphat. He was only 35 years old at the time.

He cried to God and the Lord fought that battle for he and Judah while they praised at the valley of blessing.

The fame of what God did spreadt across the neighboring nations and no one dared mess with Judah because they had heard about God's brutal blows on Judah's behalf.

God gave Jehoshaphat rest for the next 25 years of his reign over Judah.

When King Hiram sent a congratulatory message to the newly installed King Solomon, Solomon wrote back explaining that He needed cedar and labourers to build the Lord's temple because the Lord had given him peace.

From the lives of King Jehoshaphat and Solomon we see that

Rest from invading enemies, raging disasters, threatening bills, internal pressures is a gift that God gives.
It's not got from logic, status, nor connections.

💊 Receive this gift of rest by praising in your valley of blessing.

God gives rest so we can focus on our purpose. 
Solomon knew He was to build the Lord a temple and went at it. Jehoshaphat walked in the ways of the Lord but didn't remove the high places in Judah which was something God expected him to do. Instead he formed alliance with King Ahaziah of Israel, who was against God, to build a business. He left God's assigned purpose to build his ambition. The business crashed.

💊Be conscious about doing the things God lays in your heart, this season don't get carried away by the peace He gives.

I speak to you prophetically, emphatically and clearly as I heard the Lord.

📌The troubles/ perils of the previous months are over.

📌The dread of you have come over those who plot against you.

📌You will look around and realise you have no enemy because God has caused them to make peace with you.

📌You will flourish, because the peace of God abounds towards you.

📌 You will have nothing to fear and see no reason to fear.

So together, let's say like King Solomon, "but now, the Lord my God has given me peace on every side; I have no enemies and all is well" 1 Kings 5:4 (NLT)

This is my confession for the month.  Feel free to make it yours.

Committed to your fulfilment
Anne Emeka-Obiajunwa

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