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Long ago I told you what was going to happen. Then suddenly I TOOK ACTION , and all my predictions came true. Isaiah 48:3 (NLT) The LORD says to Israel, "Long ago I predicted what would take place; then suddenly I MADE IT HAPPEN . Isaiah 48:3 (GNT) I love how God prompts my heart to yearn for His promises through the ✔Images He paints before my eyes ✔Words He whispers in my ears ✔Emotions He inspires me to feel. He does this for everyone with whom He has a covenant with and a plan for. The next half of the year begins with a bang of His shocking goodness. Why does He even promise? Too many long awaited promises? Don't worry, here is #JULY, your month of SUDDENLY, GOD DID IT. ➡️Sudden multibillion business idea ➡️Sudden marriage proposal and occurrence ➡️Sudden ministry level switch ➡️Sudden conception and eventual safe delivery ➡️Sudden valuable connection s. ➡️Sudden provision. Anything He has told you about in the past, Watch out