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I recently relocated from western Nigeria to the east. Being born Igbo (what we call people from the east) did not automatically equip me to live in this part of Nigeria. I clearly have a few things to iron out quickly so I can thrive as excellently as I am designed to.

Coming from the noisy, boisterous city of Lagos, Anambra (Awka) is a little too quiet. Oh well, I think I like it especially because I do not have to worry about trailers packed on major roads and traffic. For the first time since forever, driving is a leisure (If you have lived in Lagos, you will understand).

Changing location is one of the many reasons people feel stucked in a rut.  You may catch yourself living like you are in a pool and not really swimming. 

You could also feel like you are stucked in a rut if life throws too much at you, leaving you unprepared to deal with everything that’s going on in your life.

You could feel stucked in a rut when for a long time than expected; you become unsure of what you want to do next in life.
Some signs that you are stucked in a rut are

1. You wish to be creative on something you normally would be creative at, but it appears the creative side of you is on an unsolicited vacation.

2. You are getting things done but still don’t feel like you are doing much.

3. You’ll like to introduce something new and exciting to your life but feel like you will never have enough energy or time for it.

4.  You generally feel stressed, tired and unfulfilled.

5. You appear to be getting too comfortable when you know you really should be making significant progress.

Everyone, including the most successful people in life, get stucked in a rut at one time or the other.  So don't feel like you are doomed.

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Below are 15 questions to sincerely answer in other to liberate you as soon as possible.

 What is it that I want?
1. What would be my ideal outcome? Take a moment to get very clear in your mind (or on paper!) what being unstuck would look, feel and sound like before continuing.

Identifying Options
So now you know what you want,

2. What specifically have I done so far? What worked and what didn’t?

3. What do I have already (Skills and resources) that could move me forward

4. What research could I do to help me find the first (or next) step?

5. What do I need to do before I do anything else?

6. Who else could I ask for help in achieving my goal?

Taking Action
 Look at the list of idea and options you now have,

7. What would be the smallest or easiest first step for me?

8. Which options or actions grab or strikes me the most?

9. How could I make the tasks/actions more enjoyable or fun?

10. Who else could help me in completing this/these action/s?

11. What’s one action I could take in the next 10 minutes?

12. What are three actions you could take that would make sense this week?  

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Do something! Choose your actions and commit

13. When specifically will I do this/these action/s? Include the day and time.

14. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely am I to complete each action?      
- If it’s below an 8, then ask what is stopping you from completing the action – and make this your first action.
15. How do you normally sabotage yourself - and what will you do differently this time?

Go Push Your Bars,

Committed to Your Fulfilment
Anne Emeka-Obiajunwa



  1. Great post. I'm asking myself these questions and already the webs are getting untangled. Thanks Anne ��

    1. HUGS. I'm glad you found them helpful, MacHenry.


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