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I recently relocated from western Nigeria to the east. Being born Igbo (what we call people from the east) did not automatically equip me to live in this part of Nigeria. I clearly have a few things to iron out quickly so I can thrive as excellently as I am designed to. Coming from the noisy, boisterous city of Lagos, Anambra (Awka) is a little too quiet. Oh well, I think I like it especially because I do not have to worry about trailers packed on major roads and traffic. For the first time since forever, driving is a leisure (If you have lived in Lagos, you will understand). Changing location is one of the many reasons people feel stucked in a rut.   You may catch yourself living like you are in a pool and not really swimming.  You could also feel like you are stucked in a rut if life throws too much at you, leaving you unprepared to deal with everything that’s going on in your life. You could feel stucked in a rut when for a long time than expected; you beco