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Chinwe Iromuanya  Founder, The Enabled Life Organization Oh how extremely beautiful it is to be a woman! It is International Women's Day and we can't keep silent about who we are as women and the exceptional ways we have lived far above the status quo, pushed borders and set front line examples. Our ICON for the year is no other but a woman who has truly lived the theme of the International Women's day, 2019 - Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change. Born in Nigeria, almost 52 years ago, during a Civil war; the odds were fiercely up against Chichi or any child with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone or posture.  Chinwe Iromuanya popularly known as ChiChi Iro despite CP, is an unmatchable force to reckon with. I first met Chichi in 2017 at a women's conference held in Lagos. I saw this "wobbly" walking woman on block heels walk in and taken straight to the speakers' tab


I f you are female and sense prophetic gifts on your life? Here is a bible based, Christ Centered institution to help you develop and effectively use your prophetic gifts. In simple terms, Prophecy can be defined as hearing the voice of God and speaking what He says.  This gift is basically experienced in three ways. Auditory - Where  the one receiving the message  hears  words, which they then repeat or release  to those to whom one is sent. Visual- This is referred to as The SEER gifting. Here, the receiver  sees  a message through some type of picture, which they then release or speak about as led. Impression - Here, you just KNOW in your spirit about something you had no prior knowledge or information about. These pictures are either received while awake by means of visions, while asleep through dreams or while half awake in trances. Most prophetic people will experience both aspects at various times, but they tend to have one that is