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You say you believe in the power of His name at work in your life and you draw back every time you get the chance to let his light shine through you in a conversation, a hard challenge or the obvious operation of darkness in the lives of others around you? Faith in the one who sent you; faith in your identity as His sent and boldness to execute what He sends you determines your level of influence. Faith and boldness are products of KNOWLEDGE. If you knew who the king is (you are)? If you knew who His King is (Christ is)? You will no longer be afraid of confronting darkness around you. You want influence ? How much have you put your gifts to work?  Read: How to effectively use your gifts Could it be that are you are among those asking for increased capacity or saying "Lord use me" when the gifts already given are rusting away from lack of use? How committed are you to the seemingly "small", "insignificant” instruction, missio


Photo courtesy:Andrea Alexia Adetutu loved to be called daddy’s girl. Her father, Mr. Oju Walter was totally obsessed with his girl. There was hardly anything Alexia desired that Mr. Oju wouldn’t make happen. Growing up was sheer bliss for Alexia until her teens. She noticed how everyone loved her for her brilliant academic performances; yet, she didn’t feel satisfied. Having a massively wealthy father and an enviable academic record was supposed to be enough for Alexia Adetutu Walter but it wasn’t. Just before her 18 th birthday, a man came knocking on the door. “Come Alexia, I have something to show you”.   Alexia didn’t quite recognize this man but she hurriedly followed him. They walked a few streets away from Alexia’s address, into a huge well furnished mansion. The chairs were made of dyed wool and animal furs. The roof was a see through kind as Alexia could see the cloud above. It was breath takingly beautiful as the ambience around the mansion beat all