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Purpose is not certificates Purpose is not relationships Purpose is not ambitions Purpose is not aspirations Purpose is not accolades Purpose is not awards Purpose is not connections Certificates equip you for purpose Relationships sustain you in purpose Ambitions drive you towards purpose Aspirations fan you for purpose Accolades cheer you towards purpose Awards encourage you towards purpose Connections facilitate purpose Read: 5 Rules For Making Impart Purpose is the fabric of fulfillment Purpose is the whispers of relevance Purpose is the creator’s original intention for making you. Purpose is the mind of the eternal finding expression through you. Read: What is my destiny? If you lost your professional certification, would you still have a purpose? If the most important relationship in your life crumbled, would you still have a purpose? If your ambitions got knocked out, would you still have a purpose? If your


January is the month when heaven gets the highest fillings of prayer. With nearly every Christian community fasting and praying, we would be in order to think so. After 21, 30, 40, 70 or even 100 days of fasting and praying, it’s common for us to expect that nothing bad would happen to us. After faithfully fasting and praying, we can’t possibly be expecting a heart wrenching doctor’s report, death of a loved one, betrayal or anything capable of making us wonder if God forgot us at the park on His last trip to attend to our cousin or friend who appears to be His favourite.  Read: Did He Really Ignore you? So what if the bad things happen? After all the fasting and prayer. What should you heart’s disposition be? Jesus prayed all night before choosing his disciples. Yet He chose Judas  Iscariot who ceremoniously served him over to his enemies in a kissed lacey tray. (Luke 6:12). Why didn’t Jesus’ midnight prayer in a solitary place delete Judas’ betraya


The Webster dictionary defines vision as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom We know that visions are goals, aspirations, imaginations.  it becomes interesting to see why many companies and organizations have vision statements. Vision statements are the definitions/description of our goals. The vision statement of every single organization describes the desired future position of such organization, company or body. There shouldn't be a serious life, organization, company, thrift without a vision statement (definition of their vision/goal/ envisioned desired position). Defining your life vision gives meaning and strategies for its fulfillment. Read: What state is your vision? Below are four questions things to consider when defining your vision. 1:  What has been? This is a question you will need to ask yourself in order to effectively define your vision. It gives you answers centered around your journey so far. It mak


If you’ve ever been at a spot where you felt like God placed your call on divert? You will totally relate with this post. Life can give us all shades of grey. The shade we see determines the sustainability of our joy through those rough times. Jesus had become really close to Lazarus and his two pretty sisters- Mary and Martha. Jesus the supreme healer who went about doing good was their very own intimate friend turned brother. When Lazarus fell ill, there was no better person to call other than their healing friend. Jesus got the news but stayed back at his location. One would have thought Jesus didn’t care about Lazarus. It would be human to think of it that way. However, the divine thought about it differently. Read: Turning Anxiety to Answered Prayers Does it feel like God has ignored your calls lately? Below are some inspirations from Lazarus’ experience.     1.     God holds back so that when he eventually shows up (He certainly does), His wondrous w


How old are you? Oh seriously how old are you? You sat down many times last year wondering how the dreams in your heart would hit reality. You heard his voice many times but you were too scared of the tide and the sharks that you curled back in your boat. At other times you thought building a social media presence would equal making impart and living your dreams eventually. You tried and tried and no one even knows your voice or its sound yet. You're considering retreating and waiting for a "set time" you do not even know about. New year means you are older. Yeah, you are. And may I remind you that nothing just happens? Tired of receiving promptings concerning your assignment that you can’t interprete? Tired of the confusion? Tired of using methods which systems you don’t quite comprehend? Tired of feeling frustrated and not "good enough" because you can’t seem to get the results you imagined? Tired of the fluctuating or