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Statistics may be boring, but it brings a rude awakening to the realities of everyday life.

Barely four months ago, the Lagos state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Adeniji Kazeem, disclosed that in 2017, there has been 60 defilement cases, 30 rape cases, 11 attempted rape cases, 123 child abuse cases in Lagos state alone! (Source: Daily post Nigeria). Let’s save our thoughts on the many others that didn’t get reported for one reason or the other.

I was about  discarding the heavy impression to host the Tamar’s Pouch Rape Recovery Boot Camp because my flesh felt I was doing enough via save a girl child outreach already;  when I got a call from a stranger about an under aged girl being gang raped yesterday. 

The shock moved from my ear drums into my heart and my “thinking-I’m-doing-enough-flesh” received a jolt back to reality.

This boot camp is an unapologetic move to help any young woman who is ever had a rape experience.  We will bring in the best of speakers/trainers to help empower you or anyone you know to get their lives back!

The Tamar’s Pouch Rape Recovery Boot Camp is a 3-day online training/course/program comprising of a 10 part module taught by a certified sex therapist, a lawyer, a certified counselor, an experienced child minder and a certified medical practitioner.

Below are the details of the boot camp

Event title: Tamar’s Pouch Rape Recovery Boot Camp
Event type: E-conference
Date: February 7th -9th 2018

Program Overview:

  Ø The Dynamics of Sexual assault/rape

  Ø The first 20 minutes after a rape experience

  Ø Identifying the symptoms of rape-related post traumatic stress Disorder   (PTSD) 

  Ø Recommended Treatments for rape-related post traumatic stress         Disorder (PTSD)

  Ø Dangerous Misconceptions about rape/sexual assault

  Ø How to get your sexy back: The journey to sexual recovery

  Ø Winning the self esteem battle

  Ø Rape recovery tips

  Ø The Law and rape: How to make a legal case against a rapist, where to get help in Nigeria etc

  Ø Blanket warmth from  real life stories

You may not always decide what happens to you, but you can always decide what you do with what happens to you. (click to tweet this)

Had a rape experience?
Get your life back by attending the TAMAR’S POUCH RAPE RECOVERY BOOT CAMP.

Tell someone to tell someone you care about!

Committed to your fulfillment

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