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What’s my destiny? Since we can’t awaken what we haven't Identified , the above question is pivotal to anyone’s stay on earth and afterwards. Identification is key to becoming . I've heard people say "it is her destiny" when someone gets or doesn't get a VISA to London. Others use the phrase when one gets rich at really young age but dies before he is 40. Those situations make destiny seem like an event bound occurrence. Destiny is beyond events. Hear me love, Your destiny is beyond events. The dictionary says the following about destiny - Destiny is the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. - Destiny is the hidden power believed to control future events; fate. However, that is totally man's definition of destiny. Actually, Destiny is man's end. Destiny is the end of a matter. Read: The Schedule Destiny is not predetermined b


Name and date are fiction. None of this was written to any known living or dead person A schedule is a plan that lists all that you have to do and when you must do each. God is very orderly and leaves nothing to chance. His design for your life is already worked out. There are things he wants you to get at specific points in life. Some of us allow distractions to delay us from entering the glory of our purpose in due season. We are busy running after destiny threatening relationships because we want to “belong”. Jesus had this understanding and was committed to the schedule of God for his life. “Here I am – it is written about me in the scrolI; have come to do your will, o God.” Hebrew 10:7 Read: How personal consecration affects you He didn’t get sexually involved with anyone because he knew that part was not in the plan. Hence, nursing a romantic relationship with anyone would have been a waste of time. He knew his purpose was to save mankind from sin and he fo


In this part of the world, when two people get married, they become joined not only to each other but to their families as well. And ever so often, some potential in-laws have a way of making their potential daughter or son in-law feel like they are doing them a favour by allowing their child to marry them.  Read: Three fatal mistakes young people make So, because of intimidations like these and the need to please their in-laws, many individuals who are engaged have allowed their in-laws determine the course of their relationships. Many have seen so many red flags in the families ‎ they are marrying into but have chosen to keep quiet about them. Instead of boldly relating with their potential in-laws and observing to find out more things about them, they have chosen to be conscious of themselves so as not to appear unmarriageable. They have chosen to use this time to please their would-be in-laws, rather than study them and know if they can marry into such a family.