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So you are tired of the maze race and set to make impart, huh?
That’s great!
Especially if you desire to be young and relevant.

Impart means a lot of things to different people. For one person it is to provide opportunities for school drop-outs to return to school; for another it is teaching the next generation to hone their skills and live up  the best of their potentials; to the other it is creating products that help simplify the hustle of everyday life.

Irrespective of what Impart means to you, there are three things that makes impart an actual impart.
1. The gift: The solution required to solve a problem or salvage a situation
2. The giver:  The custodian/facilitator/dispenser of a solution
3. The recipient: The person/people who benefit(s) from the giver.

Congratulations on deciding to make impart in your time. Below are five rules you can’t afford to mess with especially if you intend to make lasting impart.

1. Have a defined Niche:

There’s something about concentration. You can have all the money, skill and time in the world but if you invest all of that in just about anything that tickles your fancy? Your efforts will be like a cube of sugar in an ocean.

You guessed right.

You will make a difference but your efforts won’t be noticed as the situations will remain the same and your recipients won’t find the solution you are offering.

Let’s assume you want to impart youths. Youths are a niche in the general population. However, setting out to impart youths is still vague.

You should decide on,
What kind of youths (working class, students, graduates etc), Where (communities, localites)
What kind of problems do they have (education, relationship, finances etc).

So a clear niche for you could be
Youths, who are students within Ajeromi Ifelodun area of Lagos state, having issues cultivating meaningful relationships.

Get the picture?

2. Have a clear purpose

When you toss in sugar in cup of tea, it is believed that you want it sweet isn’t? But did you know we all want a different degree of sweetness in our cups of tea? That’s why one person puts in a cube and another puts in three cubes in the same tea cup sized drink.

When you are clear about your purpose, you will effectively channel your resources towards achieving the desired goals on your impart agenda.

Having a clear purpose entails pre-determining the extent to which you want to see changes /improvement on your recipients.

It could read something like, after this project, 200 deaf people within the Ikoyi area of Lagos state, would be able to use the American Sign Language proficiently.

You will also need to decide on want proficiency means to you (remember degree of sweetness in our cups of tea?).

Proficiency might mean that they are able to exchange pleasantries and hold everyday conversations (one cube of sugar) or it could mean that they are able to transact at banks, businesses places and even go for a university education  (three cubes of sugar).

Whatever proficiency might mean is as important as knowing exactly what and how you intend to make it happen for the recipients.

You feel me?

3. Build a system

A system is a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done. It is an organized scheme or method applied to achieve a goal.

One fatal mistake young people make is to hop on activities or churn out endless streams of events in bid to make impart. While events or activities could be a means to make impart, it is not sufficient in itself. It takes a connection of related activities/events backed up by an underlying procedure to form a system that makes impart.

For example, if you want to host an event for teenagers. It’s not enough to throw out a catchy theme, top-notch speakers and a cozy venue. You must have a pre-determined procedure/principle that will guide the event towards achieving the ultimate goal on your impart agenda. Some of these procedures involves what the speakers will talk about, the nature of entertainment (music/dance/poetry) that will be present at the event and how all of this would tie up to make the kind of difference that you intend to offer. 
The key word is intentionality. It must all be planned out. Nothing should be left to chance!

A more practical example would be how we run the eagle’s soar conference. Eagle’s Soar conference is organized to include two speakers, one panel session and a prophetic session. If we have to skip a speaker session or panel session to make room for the prophetic, we do it!

We often start out as some business-like gathering of young people and end in a strong prophetic atmosphere. After the conference, the attendees participate in an online or offline mentoring session during which the central message of the conference is further impressed in their hearts. This system enables us to raise a generation of PASSIONATE young people, EQUIPPED to EXECUTE God’s purpose in their spheres.

Am I communicating?

There is a system for your kind of platform (business or services/ministry). Find what works and set it up.

4.    Be consistent

I have had moments when I look at what I’m about and wonder if it is making sense. I draw strength to continue by reminding myself of why I started out in the first place. The reason you began will determine if you last in the world of impart or not.

So why did you start working with teenagers?
Why did you start writing novels?
Why did you go into public speaking?
Why did you opt for spoken word performance?
In your answer lies the strength to continue.

If you haven’t achieved your goal yet, while quit?
If you have achieved your goal (I assuming of imparting a group of people or positively influencing a social situation), who says you can’t raise the next generation to carry on with that?

Consistency is not a gift of the Holy Spirit, darling! It is a discipline that you imbibe and a character that you would have to cultivate by choice.

You are the one to decide to sit your butt down and finish your book. You are the one who will decide to keep posting about a particular message LONG enough for your pack to hear your call and holla back. It’s your decision, it’s your assignment, and it’s your baby!
Stand by it!

5.       Switch on the lights

You know what I really think of true impart? True impart is one that refreshes the mind or body and revives the spirit.

I need you to know, that whatever you decide to do you must switch on the lights for the recipients to see and possibly acknowledge Jesus as son of God.

It doesn’t matter the theme of your business nor the shape or size of the system you’ve set up for making impart. You must find a way to intentionally expose (turn on the lights) people to Jesus enough for them to come to him.

You owe them the opportunity. Don’t back down. 

The primary reason God gives believers the opportunity/privilege to come into a place of power and influence in any sector, is not so we can be politically correct. It’s so we can lift him high enough for Him to draw others to himself. Don’t get it twisted.

Read: Betrayed

Hear me darling, Earthly usefulness without eternal relevance is a complete waste of strength. Look out for ways to present an opportunity for your benefactors to embrace salvation for their souls. Ask the Lord for wisdom to apply this in your sphere.

I believe in you!

Committed to your fulfillment

Are you between ages 16 and 35? Are you an aspiring/practising sociopreneur? Are you an aspiring/practising  Music Minister? Are you an aspiring/practising Word minister? Become The M420 protege today! Click for details


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