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I woke up at 2am and headed for the kitchen at about 3:15am. I turned on the gas, got out the items I bought the previous night and proceeded to make breakfast for my family. I was meticulous about the meal because I didn’t want anyone to feel mummy’s absent. I’m the first of five children and so it’s kinda natural to step into mummy’s roles when she’s out in the North for your cousin’s wedding. A delicious (in my opinion) pot of spaghetti in a mouth watery tomato sauce sat ready on the gas cooker after a bit. I turned to the sink, cleared dishes from the night before and proceeded to Iron my work wear for the day and my seven year old brother’s school wear. I returned to bed at 4:15am and was grateful to God for the gift of power holdings (NEPA). Meanwhile, my seven year old brother slept in another room with my younger sister. I had him crying lightly just before I headed for the kitchen. I went to the room where he laid, picked him up and took him in


Being young is one of the best privileges life gives. Our youth is a season during which dreams , desires and destiny intertwine in a tango dance to forge the rhythm of our later years. Read: The path of a dream Burdened with the anxiety to ensure that the rhythm of their later years is pleasant, many young people unknowingly seal doom upon themselves. This three fatal mistakes that I’m about to show you, aren’t new at all. Oh no, these are as old as Adam and Eve in the garden, Jesus in the wilderness; yet as young as you and I in the days of social media revolution. One thing you must know my dear, is that the old trickster and his tricks are still the same. He simply changes the cast on his movie. Read:  If you would be patient to read through these verses, you would most likely see beyond what I will say/show you afterwards. 1 “ Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.   2  After fasting forty days and forty n