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I LOOOOOOOVve being a woman! Naa, this has nothing to do with lipsticks and Peruvian hair. Okay, granted, I like those too but beyond that; being a woman, female, lady , girl (take your pick) offers one the opportunity to give life to the finest things and people the world would ever know. You don’t have to agree with me just yet if you’re a guy. However, I employ you to imagine the world without the women in your life.  Wouldn’t it be boring? Khum Khum (Clears my throat) I particularly love the female ability to love and evoke love in others. Talk about that softness in our body, the calm timbre in our voices and the grace and poise our pose and curves exhume when we stand or sit in our glories. Hahahahahahaha If you’re female, I will like you to take a moment to look at yourself right now. Can you see the beauty you exhume, the softness of your skin, the beauty in your eyes and how perfectly endowed you are? That’s right! Click  to reg


I curled up in his warm embrace. It was the best arms I have ever been in.  Talk about strong, cozy and safe?  Those are inadequate to describe what his arms wrapped around my body felt like. It has been a crazy long wait. I used to think LDR (Long distance relationships) were hard until I fell in love with Him.   Read: 3 Quick Tips of Developing Intimacy With God This was the first time I set my eyes on him. It had been communication via correspondence in the past many years. Yes, many cos I have lost track of time while waiting for this one. He called my name with such personal tone attached.   “Annie, my love”, He said while holding me so closely. Instantly, my heart couldn’t take it anymore and I busted in tears. Tears of rapturous delight not of pain; because at last I can finally feel his body next to mine. “I adore you”, He said. Read: Busy moms hacks to deep intimacy with God I took a few steps back to truly behold this amazement s


Photo Courtesy: Shutterstock Adline wasn’t sure what she felt. She had taken out time over the weekend to brood over last week’s incidence. She stretched fully on the couch, looking intently at the ceiling as though her eyes could see the grains of ceiling sheets. “Knock, Knock” came a hit at her bedroom door. The housekeeper walked in. Standing erect like a sergeant in the police force, he declared his mission. “Madam, I come tell you say those people come in the morning. Dem say dem one see you urgently.” He said in pidgin English. Adline wove her hands in the air, signaling the housekeeper to leave.  She has heard his message but had nothing to say nor the strength to give any reply. For three years she’s worked with Fordfield Corporation, a high browed secret intelligence service. At the time she applied for this job, she was in desperate need of financial stability. Her husband of 8 years had just passed on, leaving nothing but their 3 year old d


He had lived for this moment. He was born for this moment. He had talked about it several times. He often mentioned it while speaking to the multitude, saying he would pull down this temple and raise it up in three days. They thought he was a lunatic because they assumed he referred to Solomon’s temple. Why wouldn’t he be a lunatic if he was referring to a building that took 7 solid years to erect? He seemed enthusiastic about this moment until it actually came staring him in the face. He had asked three of his dearest to “watch” with him and he requested that they prayed along with him. Just when he needed to feel/sense their solidarity the most, they unwillingly abandoned him to dance to his rhythm alone. They needed to sleep afterall, they also didn’t know what temple he referred to all the while. One of his closest had earlier gone to negotiate over him like folks do over easter turkey. The price seemed like a lot of money. Why wasn’t it gold? I can’t he