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So this past Saturday, the very first arm of the Birthplace (Eagle’s soar) marked her 10th year anniversary. It’s been a journey of growth, trust and capacity building for me. I’m saying a huge thank you to everyone who made it to the conference.
I understand that most young people are beginning to find boldness in their callings and launching businesses, non-governmental organizations and others.  This makes me so happy.  If you fall in the above category, I have written this post to encourage you and share some of my lessons with you.
I wish I knew

     1.That dreams cost everything: 
    Granted, I knew my calling/the Birthplace would require sacrifices. I just didn’t know it will require everything. I‘ve had to empty my bank many times to see that we make impart. I’ve had to let go relationships I considered dear but unhealthy, I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights and sometimes I needed to give up my idea of “fine girl”  just to make sure I see lives fulfill their destinies. Many times I cried when I had to let people go or give up so much than I felt necessary; but I often thought about how it would feel to finally see all God intended to do with me playout.
On your journey, be prepared to give up anything. Sentiments would burn you if you ignore this truth. Dreams cost everything to move from paper to playoutTM

     2.   That consistency is a choice
No one not even God will coerce you into scheduling responsibilities and keeping up with plans and projects.  You would have to push yourself consistently. At first, I thought I was always going to want to do what’s required of me. Not until I had days when preparing and writing content for mentoring courses, blogging, speaking engagements, planning conferences/outreaches clash with deadlines on my secular job/career. Oh wait, do I have to talk about moments when the girl thing (menstrual cramps), come at me like a ferocious foe when I have a speaking engagement to prepare for or book writing to wrap up?  Or would you want to hear about how I had to host one of the eagle’s soar conferences soon after a heart break? In all of those times, I have had to pull through and do the needful irrespective of how I felt.  Consistency/commitment to your goals is a choice. You must choose in favour of your goals/dream/vision daily.

     3.   That excellence is learnt:
I actually thought once you have the “money”, you can do things excellently cos good things cost money. However, I learnt that excellence is a spirit cultivated, a skill learnt and an attitude imbibed. I learnt to maximize the resources within my capacity at each moment such that we get the most possible excellent results. My counsel would be, before embarking on anything, ask these questions. Is this the best quality our money can afford? Is this the best personnel within our reach? Is this the best?
Ask the right questions always with “what’s the best right now mentality?”

    4. That growth is first within:
I noticed how the Lord plants desires in my heart each time I’m due for a stretch/growth. However the desires weren’t automatically granted. With each desire came a new semester of several courses, lessons and tests that I had to pass in order to adequately build capacity for the desired level.
Regardless of what your organization, vision or goal is about? You will have to become (grow) before you can begin (cause growth) in your organization. If I knew this ten years ago, I would not have cried during my tests or spent time wondering if God was on vacation.
So relax and enjoy the stretching seasons and there will be many of them if you’re going to birth something solid.

     5.   That opportunities are rarely obvious:
I know you’ve probably heard this before but do you lead your life like you know opportunities won’t scream their identities to your face? Folks often tell us, when it’s time for something, you will know. You will sense it. You will feel it; and I walked into my calling with that mentality. Listen honey, that’s a myth. You won’t often “know” by intuition when an opportunity comes. You will only recognize those opportunities that you have prepared for. How/what are you preparing for?

     6.   That you don’t have to know everything
Sometimes we are tempted to wait until we are surely sure about how things will play out before we head out. If you’re waiting to be surely sure all the time, there’s little you can do at the end of time. Ten years ago, I thought I needed to know everything in order to effectively execute the mission of the birthplace and so I read voraciously. However, I soon learnt that even though there are applicable lessons you might draw from others; your own journey is unique. Did those plenty reading help? Yes! Where they necessary? Yes! Where they indispensible? NO!
When we try to know everything, we might become too overwhelmed with information such that we end up doing little because we are become overly careful of making mistakes. So study, prepare, pray and trust the one who called and is leading you. Christians can’t rule out the place of faith in God no matter what area of life we’ve been called to serve in.

     7.   That people are taking notes:
I was aware that people eventually notice when one is doing something good or bad; but that people are taking notes of when and how I did things? I’m not sure I knew that will happen. Many times people I don’t recognize come to say they’ve watched me for years and they wanted to thank me for being consistent. They go on to tell how seeing me do what I do over time has inspired them to stay committed to their purposes. Perhaps if I knew earlier that this would be, I would be more committed to my calling. (Laughs)

    8.   That collaborations/partnerships are indispensable:
I’ve never done a birthplace event without assistance from others. My team is made up of human beings with diverse capacity, potential and resource. I can’t be the protocol officer, the speaker, the liason officer, the financier all at the same time.
If there is anything you would need on your journey, it is the gift of men.
At the start I knew I needed to collaborate or partner with people or organizations, I just didn’t understand how truly indispensable that is until I came to points where partnership/collaborations saved the day. I’m presently looking out for organizations/ individuals to collaborate/partner with for mutual benefit and efficiency.
At this point, I must say a big thank you to everyone who’s ever served on our volunteer team or donated a kobo to help execute the mission. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

      9.    That progress is deliberate
    Ten years ago, I thought with the years come increase. I was so wrong. I soon learnt that there are principles that must be adhered to move an organization from one point to the other. From conference attendance to structure of an event to every detail you can think about, progress or increase is never by accident.What progress do you want to make on your organization or personally? Put your heart to it and deliberately take steps towards it. 

      10. That faith is a constant necessity:
I have gone from trusting God for little things to trusting Him for bigger things. Earlier, I thought the first test on trusting the Lord to provide would be all. How wrong I was to notice a consistent pattern of faith-required-situations each year. with every project, event or programme, irrespective of how well I appear to prepare there was always something I couldn’t help myself with. I must confess that I like it this way because it prevents me from growing independent of the Lord.
Does any of these lessons resonate with you on any level? I will like to hear from you.

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Committed to your fulfillment


  1. oh yeah! it absolutely does. i pray for he strength and will to be consistent because sometimes it is hard. How did you do it? being heartbroken and hosting a conference? didnt the pain show?

    1. Hi Anonymous. LOL
      Amen on the prayers.
      I don't know if it showed. I just know I WAS NOT trying to hide how i felt (sad), I was more conscious of ensuring the pain in my heart didn't get in the way of what God had to do for the people.
      Perhaps you could watch the video of me teaching during the conference and let me know if you can decipher. LOL
      so here is the link to my Fresh outta "wound" land sermon

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