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So this past Saturday, the very first arm of the Birthplace (Eagle’s soar) marked her 10 th year anniversary. It’s been a journey of growth, trust and capacity building for me. I’m saying a huge thank you to everyone who made it to the conference. I understand that most young people are beginning to find boldness in their callings and launching businesses, non-governmental organizations and others.  This makes me so happy.  If you fall in the above category, I have written this post to encourage you and share some of my lessons with you. I wish I knew      1. That dreams cost everything:       Granted, I knew my calling/ the Birthplace would require sacrifices. I just didn’t know it will require everything . I‘ve had to empty my bank many times to see that we make impart. I’ve had to let go relationships I considered dear but unhealthy, I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights and sometimes I needed to give up my idea of “fine girl”  just to make sure I see live


Photo courtesy: Shutterstock Lots of young people ask me how I’ve managed to stay intimate with the Lord through the years. I often say is the grace of God. However, embedded in the grace of God are principles for staying connected and growing a deeper, richer and fuller relationship with God.  It is those principles that I’ll like to share with you today. First, I will need us to understand the concept of intimacy with God. Religious activities and philanthropy are not proofs/guarantee of intimacy. They definitely can be outflow of intimacy but are never in themselves (alone) proofs of intimacy. Read: 5 Features of lukewarm Christians God’s idea of intimacy is pretty simple. Like the Wikipedia definition which says, “Intimacy is close friendship”. Intimacy with God is actually close friendship with God.  This close friendship is one that may or may not evoke emotional sentiments (evokes in me) but definitely involves the following: ·         Allegiance to eac


Relationships are the most crucial core of human existence. No one is truly satisfied being lonely and the reason they feel lonely is because they crave relationships. There’s a reason God doesn’t literally give us everything we need directly. He usually places people in our lives, to whom He has given what we need. However, In bid to connect with those who have what we need, we might neglect those who mayn’t bring much positive vibe our way. We must realize that we need both the positive and negative vibers. Therefore the seven most important people you need to fulfil destiny are     1.   The opposers Ever been in a circle (church, workplace, home etc), where certain people never agree with what you have to say or do. I’m not talking about people who see the other side of your propositions and attempt to draw your attention by speaking in doubt. No no! I’m talking about the ones who consciously, wilfully, strategically do any and everything to see to your downfall.