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©2016- Birthplace Mentoring School (BPMS) This post was originally written for Broken Stilettos  mentoring class designed to help women walk in wholeness. Suitable for all gender and ages The term esteem refers to respect and admiration typically for a person.  Self esteem refers to some one’s overall judgement/evaluation of one’s self based on their beliefs. Most people seem to have no idea of their worth until events begin to unfold and eventually create impressions in their hearts. These impressions could be healthy or unhealthy and eventually become their beliefs. However, nothing is permanent in life. Therefore their beliefs about themselves (self esteem) go from great to worse or from worse to great over time. Why do we need to talk about self esteem? According to Jose’-vincent (1997), self esteem reveals how we view ourselves and the sense of our personal value. It affects the way we are, act and relate with everybody else.   If a two-word complex a


I consider it a huge privilege to be God’s mouthpiece on earth. I pretty much like that I have to learn from Him and the capable others he has planted in my life while passing on this knowledge to others as He wills. Being His mouthpiece means I have to travel, meet people, and go to places are like or not like (yes sometimes you don’t feel like being somewhere).  This exposes me to a whole lot of information and helps me build valuable relationships. I’ve been a guest minister to many in the last twelve (12) years of my life. Pretty much since I was a teenager. I’ll like to share with you a few things I believe young people should never do when they are out as guest ministers. 1.    Don’t  Isolate yourself from responsibilities There are times when the host might place you in their home or someone else’s rather than a hotel. Most young people tend to cross their legs and wait for breakfast in bed like the anointing would lift if they picked up a pin. When you’re pl


Oh the wonders of oestrogen and testosterone (female and male hormones respectively), committed to making our bodies look like those of dad and mom. The bliss of having our tummy rumble with butterflies. How did the butterfly enter our tummy? Who even discovered it was butterfly that danced inside of us when we saw that cool dude or babe we were attracted to? The treasured season of sneakers and leggings, ear phones and smart phones, make-up and perfumes, cliques and bands! Oh wait a minute, did I forget to mention role models and star imitation?  LOL Being a teenager is one of the priceless moments in life. It’s just so unfortunate that most people don’t navigate this season successfully. It’s really not our fault that teen years feel somewhat bumpy. Everyone is busy talking to adults and children that they can’t tell the difference between us and children.  Can’t they see the busts on our once flat chests; can’t they notice our once soprano voices have dee