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So you’re staring right ahead of you, anticipating the arrival of the bus scheduled to take you to work. When all of a sudden you hear a loud bang behind you. You turn and it was a bike man who hit a car, leaving about 5 people injured and a child instantly dead. 
Your boss had announced earlier that you were to make a presentation to a client that morning. The presentation if successful, is supposed to get the organization some profit ranging millions of dollars.
A crowd has gathered at the scene where the accident happened. While you stared and empathised with the casualties of the accident, the bus you were waiting for had gone. The accident apparently wasn’t on the lane you were on.
You waited to get another bus but this time, the traffic had begun to affect the lane you were on and so It took you a while to find one.
You landed at the office at past 9 having missed the presentation scheduled for 8:15am…

Was the accident worth your empathy? YES
Was your presentation important? YES

According to Cambridge dictionary, Focus refers to the main or central point of interest or attention.
On your way to work that morning, what was your focus?  I presume it would be arriving early at your work place for the presentation. Eventually, the unplanned or unexpected happened and your attention momentarily shifted from catching the bus to the casualties.  End result? Boss got you demoted and slashed eighty percent off your pay that month(Mean you might think huh?)
You know what honey, Focus doesn’t negate the presence of distractions.
Therefore learning to focus on the "real thing" in the midst of life's drama is a must have skill.

Three things I need you to hold on to as we examine the art of focus are light, distractions and object.

If you’ve been to a live stage performance, you will notice that there’s a main/prevailing light focused on the performer (object), there could be a choir or team of backup singers on stage that we don’t see but hear. 
Now the “prevailing light” doesn’t leave the performer to zoom on the backup singers. To do that would be to distract the audience from the artist.
Same way, we need to know that there is a prevailing light cast on people or things every moment of our lives. The prevailing light holds our focus or attention.

Everyone has a focus. We just aren’t focusing on the same thing. Therefore the questions to ask yourself would be,
·        Is my current focus a thing of worth?
·        How do I control my mind to stay on what is most important?
To truly ascertain the worth of your focus and be able to keep your mind on it in the midst of distraction is to gain mastery over the art of FOCUS.

Distraction accounts for 90% of road accidents daily. From texting while driving to phone calls, to retouching makeup,  to looking too long at something by the corner and more.  
While road accidents seem like the obvious consequence of distraction, it causes many major accidents in other aspects of life- career, ministry, spiritual life, relationships, marriage and more. Look into your life sincerely, you will agree with me.

The focus of your life reflects your values and how much you are worth at the end of life. Click to tweet This
If everyone has a focus, what’s yours then? To determine your the focus of your life answer these questions sincerely.
1.    What do I think on when I first awake in the morning?
2.    Who do I think about first thing in the morning?
3.    What are my most important(high priority) goals right now?
4.    What do I consider when making decisions?
5.    Who do I consider when making decisions?
6.    Do I readily make sacrifices in other to achieve these goals?
7.    What am I readily excited about?

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1.    He/She has Clear goals/Objectives
2.    He/she has clearly mapped out strategy to those goals
3.    He/she is committed to those goals
In plain English, Focused people have Objectives, Strategy and Commitment.
Do you really have those?

I already said Focus isn't the absence of distraction. The most successful people have had to deal with internal and external distractions. The difference between them and those who abandoned their course is this

  • Review: Focused people consistently review the object of their attention in light of their clearly stated goals. when faced with seemingly important things, you must ask " how does this bring me closer to the stated objective". if the answer isn't positive and such that can help with  your goal within the stated time frame? Then it is a distraction. Distractions are often subtle. They could be  important too but again, the goal in front of you determined what's actually more important.
  • Redress: Focused people redress their commitment regularly. They don't assume that they are committed to their course. They consistently set it right towards the set out goals/objectives
Refer to our opening story. If you had reviewed your attention (on the scene) you would have realized that your focus was broken. 
You were in no position to help the victims you had no car to pick them to the hospital.
you had a phone with which you have called the paramedic team while you moved on but you stood watching while the bus went by.
Everything appears to be worth our commitment but there's really one thing that matters per time- THE GOAL. it is our responsibility to redress our commitment consistently. 

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While you clearly identify your objectives for career, marriage, ministry, relationships, business and others, while you engage wisdom and strategically approach your goals consistently (commitment), there are a few things of worth I’ll encourage you to focus on.

1.    Things Above: Colossians 3:1-2
    The key words here are Seek and Set
    Seeking and Setting is the mechanism used when attempting to focus     a camera or video lens to best view an image.
   Seek (search out) God’s opinion in matters and Set (establish) your           mind on it.
  When you do this, you see through the eyes of Christ and become        fearless and more productive. FOCUS ON THINGS ABOVE. This clause    doesn’t suggest we should be heaven focused/bound and earthly    useless.  Rather says, keep your mind on the real thing from where you  draw sufficient light to make a difference in a dark world (on any sector or platform).

        2.    The Right Path:
Proverbs 23:19 says, “Listen my son, and be wise and set your heart on the right path.
What is the right path?
Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” John 14:6,
The right path isn’t a system of operation. Neither is it an organised thought pattern nor mode of operation per say. The right path is a person – JESUS. FOCUS ON HIM!

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3.    God’s Decrees:
The psalmist says “My heart is set on keeping your decrees to the very end”. Psalm 119:112
Why would he set his heart/focus on God’s decrees?
Because “the law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul and the testimony (decrees) of the Lord is Sure (certain) making the simple wise. “ Psalm 19:7.
The decision to focus on God’s decrees is the best you would ever make after the decision to have JESUS in your heart as Lord and Saviour. 

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I encourage you to
·        focus on things of worth
·        set clear goals
·         map out clear strategy for achieving them
·        Commit to your goals in spite of distractions

Cheers to the focused you!!!
Committed to your Fulfilment
Anne Atulaegwu 

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