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I sat recently and my heart reviewed The Birthplace journey of 9 years. I guess I’m probably supposed to be excited about the privilege given me as an echo of God’s voice in my generation. Even though a part of me was and is truly grateful for being chosen, a huge question lurked at the corner of my heart- Has the 9 years of labour been truly acceptable by the father? Have I done all/what is written of me in the volume of books within this time? My heart became full as I compared the assignment, the instruction with the journey so far. I agree I have never turned down any of father’s instruction concerning The Birthplace mandate as much as I can remember. However, I couldn’t shake off the concern in my heart which said, “Am I within schedule, am I doing it right? Am I? Am I? I began to tongue (Pray in the Spirit). My heart was seeking answers. I needed to be sure that as we approached 10 years of age next year, I will be right in the centre of the father’s will in every


So you’re staring right ahead of you, anticipating the arrival of the bus scheduled to take you to work. When all of a sudden you hear a loud bang behind you. You turn and it was a bike man who hit a car, leaving about 5 people injured and a child instantly dead.  Your boss had announced earlier that you were to make a presentation to a client that morning. The presentation if successful, is supposed to get the organization some profit ranging millions of dollars. A crowd has gathered at the scene where the accident happened. While you stared and empathised with the  casualties  of the accident, the bus you were waiting for had gone. The accident apparently wasn’t on the lane you were on. You waited to get another bus but this time, the traffic had begun to affect the lane you were on and so It took you a while to find one. You landed at the office at past 9 having missed the presentation scheduled for 8:15am… Was the accident worth your empathy? YES Was your pres


PhotoCourtesy: Word4Ten Have you ever stopped in the middle of a sentence because you felt you’ve just said something awkward? (Laughs) I’ve been there and trust me there are more awkward moments when you wish you could literally enter the ground. Folly means different things to different people. To one person, it is spending money on something you never would use, to another it is responding to a question before it is completely asked and to some other person, it could be constantly making wrong decisions. I often hear people say one is foolish when he/she fails to display “common sense” in a matter.  The same people eventually admit that “common sense is not common at all”.  (Laughs) You see, folly isn’t often obvious at first until the repercussion of our action takes its toll on us.  This is why I have put this piece together to help us (you and I) watch out for “folly” so we can rather walk in wisdom. So below are the various shades of folly. 1.     DENIAL :