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I love the feel of being at the peak of an elevation or mountain. I remember my very first and only mountain climbing experience at the renowned University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

 The choir had decided to have a picnic on Veterinary Medicine Mountain.  We began the journey and at first it felt like nothing not until my knees took their toll on me!

Honey, I was panting. I wanted to take breaks but taking a break was impossible. The path was such that you’ve got to keep going. No room for stops as such. I managed to reach the top but not without the help and enthusiastic encouragement from my brethren.

How alive I came, when I got to the top of that Vet. Mountain (closing my eyes in a bid to “feel that feeling” again).
I could see the surrounding environment and everything seemed like ants while I was the giant!
It felt like I was closer to God (Laughs), of course, because the skies appeared closer to me than before. It was such a breath taking beauty. I longed to climb the mountains again but never got the chance. Graduation happened. LOL

So years past and I landed in Ekiti state. Not too long after, I discovered the foremost park of life called Fajuyi Park. Mehn! It had this stair cased tower that takes you to the top. I enjoyed taking long walks from my apartment through the streets, just to go climb that tower. And oh, how alive I come when the light-heavy wind embraces me like a rushing ocean. 
Four years after, I still haven’t stopped going there in my mind.

 Have you seen Psalm 18:33? David quoted Habakkuk saying, “He maketh my feet like hind’s feet and setteth me upon my high places”. (KJV)

 A hind is a female deer (especially red deer), also called a doe, which is over three years old. She lives on the mountains and amazingly can both climb and jump to any height without falling off! When asked how she does it? She explained that no one needs to fall off if they did what she does.  These are the steps she outlined below.

1.    Send your fore feet (the front) to test the grounds first.
2.    Confirm the firmness of that spot
3.    Place your hind feet (the back) on the exact spot were the fore feet was placed earlier.

These three seemingly simple steps are the reasons this mountain expert can climb and jump to any height without losing balance nor falling off.

Why does the Psalmist say the Lord makes our feet like the Hind’s feet?

David quoted that scripture right after the Lord delivered him from Saul. He looked back and couldn’t help but notice the similarity between his journey and those of the deer. He observed the following.

1.    Security: The hind’s feet are securely placed on the ground because it steps on pre-tested ground.  Psalms 12:6 says the words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried (tested) in a furnace of earth, refined Seven times (KJV).
God has given us his word and we can bank on it when we take those strides of faith on our way up!
Like the fore feet of the Hind (Doe), God’s word already has gone ahead of you concerning your health and it says, “YOU ARE HEALED”, so even though you’re climbing the mountain of cancer or whatever. Place your faith/hope/ conviction firmly on the already tested and proven grounds which says, IT IS DONE! (Applicable to whatever else you might be dealing with)

2.    Guidance: The Hind guides her hind feet to the exact spot where her fore feet stood. David knew that God was guiding him to the throne of Israel while he ran in and out of caves for fear of Saul.
Is the God who gave the Hind this ability now confused that he can’t lead you to the place, peak or position he promised? (Think and answer).
What is it? Why do we keep feeling like He doesn’t know what He is doing with us just because he aint taking us through the expected route.
He didn’t promise us an expected route but an expected end!! (Jeremiah 29:11). The fact that you are unaware of his guidance doesn’t negate the truth that He is guiding you.

3.   Precision: It’s amazing how precise the hind feet lands on the tested ground. David must have noticed how precisely God had performed his word and so he couldn’t help but quote that scripture. 
Listen sweet, God is never going to deliver less than He promised but HE COULD DO MORE!!! For example, HE WILL NEVER CALL YOU OUT TO LEAD YOU TO NIGERIA ONLY TO DUMP YOU IN GHANA. If He kept you in Ghana, then chill because the journey aint over. You will be in Nigeria soon.
He never makes mistake. He is JEHOVA THE PRECISE. If you’ve read my books, you will notice I call Him EXACT. He is never wrong! He won’t fail US!


1.   Dependence on the word: The hind feet of the Hind (doe) depends on the fore feet. You can’t truly say the Lord has made your feet to walk securely, guided and in precision if you do not depend on God’s word. Be reminded that His word is more TRUTH than our situation could ever be.

2.   Trust in the Lord:  The Hind’s feet doesn’t doubt the decision of the fore feet. It goes right were the fore feet thought best. Stop analysing the intentions of God. Proverbs 3: 5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding!”

Did you notice how David adds, “and setteth me upon my high places”? God didn’t just make his feet like the Hind’s feet for nothing. There was a set up intended.

A high place is a raised space or elevation devoted to and equipped for the sacrificial cult of a deity. (Emily G. Hirsch, “High place”, Jewish Encyclopaedia).

Now what happens at a high place?

1.   Value: The personality of value is kept at the high place. If you believe and have confessed Jesus as Lord and saviour, then you already are housing the greatest personality of value.  You know what that means?! We are the real deal!

2. Recognition: A deity is recognised. The Jesus you carry/ house is recognised. When David said you set me on my high places, he was saying “You (God) have caused men to recognise that I’ve got you, that you are on my side, that I’m the solution”!
When you are set on your high place, you gain the attention of others!

3.   Honour: In a high place, honour is given to the elevated one! So now the people couldn’t help but make David the King. Get set for your coronation!

4.   Tributary: People bring tribute/ make sacrifices at the high place.  When David became King, he received tributes not only from Israel but other nations too. When you get to your high place, men will bring you tribute. Psalm 72:10

5.   Festivals: Joyous festivals are held at the high places. Get ready for the “party” of your life, honey!  There’s going to be endless feasts hosted by others in honour of you! Your joy knows no bound!!!

Did you notice that David said “…setteth me upon my high places”?

Read that again

Did you notice the S at the back of the high place?

“…setteth me upon my high placeS”?

This tells that David knew he wasn’t getting set up in just one area of life. Beyond the throne of Judah, he was going to be on Israel’s throne and remain perpetually enthroned- Jeremiah 33:17, I kings 9:5, 2 Samuel 7:16
So darling, God isn’t setting us up in just one area of life. It’s a total set up!!
Therefore, be patient and enjoy the journey while it lasts!


So now like David, take your eyes away from the temporal pain and hard waiting. You are climbing the mountain to your high placeS and the father has made your feet as secured, guided and precise as the hind’s feet.

I may not get the chance to climb Vet. Mountain or the tower at Fajuyi park again; but I’m pretty sure that I’m climbing in hind shoes and soon I’ll be set up on ALL MY HIGH PLACES.

What do you believe?

Committed to your Fulfilment

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