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Fulfilment! Those words evoke different meaning to each one of us. Whether it means grabbing that promotion you’ve eyed for years, shopping in dubai with a loved one, marrying the bae of your dreams or finally getting to start that ministry or pet project you’ve harboured for years? These simple actions are sure to bring you to that point where you scream “alas!” on fulfillment board. 1.     Define : Knowing exactly what you want is pivotal to gaining or losing fulfillment in life. Take out time to clearly state what you want out of every aspect of your God-blessed life. From career, to relationships, to ministry and health, have a clear statement on what you want out of it. Read: 7 Shocking Truth About Your Destiny 2.     Follow:  It’s one thing to know exactly what you want and another to take the route leading to it. Follow through with your plans/ strategies. Never allow any obstacle keep you on the ground for too long. You heard that? F-O-L-L-O-W.  Quitters never e


We are counting down to the first national convention of single women at SHEKINAH ASSEMBLY INT'L CHURCHES . Not only is the convention maiden, it is also extremely unique. You will say I told you so! Its theme is SINGLE, SEPARATED and SANCTIFIED This conference is scheduled to hold at the renowned university of Nigeria  Enugu Campus (UNEC) from Thursday,  August 4 th  to  Sunday August 7 th 2016.  The beautiful thing is we have accommodation in place for those coming outside Enugu city. You see, hotel bills shouldn’t scare you. I’m going to bring you word and extra graphics on our speakers shortly. You can bet they are women you want to hear. (Whispers)I’ll be speaking too! What is blowing my mind away, is the heavy impart this conference is set to make in our history as young women. Now whether you are the career woman, the ministry woman, the fashonista, totally single or radically engaged; this conference has something amazing waiting for


As a teenager and most part into my adulthood, I have been one young woman who believes easily. I remember a guy I dated once told me to my face that I was gullible. I still didn’t perceive that he had told me many lies and got irritated that I kept being me and believing everything he said. Why would I doubt him by the way? He was a pastor after all. (LOL) That relationship was my first exposure to the games involved in the emotional world. I was and am still bad at those games. Can’t kill myself biko (Hahahaha) Anyway, in my twenty something years old life, I’ve been with 5 (five) guys. Is that too much or too little? Well, it depends. I guess that closely reveals how guarded I became afterwards. Although, one of those five was basically out of “spite” for “Christian brothers” after the experience with the pastor. Don’t ask! Just be informed that I greatly regretted it. I saw further that being with a “flawed believer” is better than being with a “polished unbelie


Waiting… For a better job, the wifey, the hubby, the promotion, the child, the admission or simply through the process? It never feels great. I think I’m one of those people who have been through the school of WAITING and never seem to graduate. I look back at my life and I’ve had to wait for nearly every major event of life. It’s never been easy. I can relate COMPLETELY with the midnight ocean size tears, the roller coasters between faith surge and Hopeless dips. I also can COMPLETELY relate with every stage of loss/grief- shock, denial, anger, bargaining, acceptance and whatever else you might have felt or are feeling. I also know like the back of my palms, the disappointment the human soul feels when you doing all God asked you to do and not getting the result you anticipated or thought he meant to deliver. I’m very familiar with disappointment, all shades of rejection and again whatever else you might have gone through or are going through. Inasmuch as I’m g