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A friend and I recently had to find our way from a certain location to another part of Lagos. Given that we were driving, we needed to be relatively sure of what route to take and all that.

At the time, his phone was down and we had to turn to mine. Thank God for Google maps.

“We have to find north”, my friend said.

He held out my phone, expecting to locate north and have us headed to our destination. Well it turned out my little sleek (phone) didn’t exactly tell us where north was because it hadn’t been set.
I’m glad he was wise enough to figure out where north was and got us started on our journey.

I was left wondering what all my A scores in geography class back in high school was for. Trust me guys, if I were the only one in that car? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have known how to use that map.  
What did I now learn in secondary school na? (In my girly voice)
I laughed at myself o.

Ehn, I agree I’m probably a map olodo (Yoruba word for a dunce) but I’m an expert at given direction on spiritual/destiny journey.
Let me console myself with that.
Afterall, you won’t fling yourself off just because you couldn’t figure out the white man’s puzzle for a moment.

Have You Found North?
So you’ve been on earth for like 30 years or perhaps 17 right? And I guess that you’re well educated or still been educated.
You probably seem to be making both major and minor progress in various areas of your life, but has your journey actually begun?

The fact that a body moves from a point of rest to another doesn’t exactly mean its making progress.

My friend and I could have driven for all we care, but would we have arrived at the correct destination? The answer would certainly be no.

Most people just go through the motions of life without first finding North.

On our ride that day, I learnt that north was the upward direction towards our destination.  In the same sense, purpose is the upward direction towards the right destination. Hence, purpose is north.

Life is a rigmarole (a long confusing process or description) until purpose is found.

Now don’t think I’m talking about your regular psychology inspired, ambition breathed purposes which some people bestow on themselves or claim to discover just because they think walking a certain path in life will bring money into their pockets. I’m not talking about that kind of purpose.
I’m talking about the Original/Genuine/Second to none intention the creator had in mind at the time he designed you. This one can only be revealed and requires a relationship with your designer (God).

“You see the major difference between revealed purpose and discovered purpose is this. While revealed purpose places emphasis on God as the one who makes known (unto us) that which he wants us to be or become, discovered purpose places emphasis on man as an independent purpose finder who needs no help from the original manufacturer”  (From my book Prothesis) – GET IT HERE

Little wonder people confuse their gifts with their purpose.

If you haven’t found North (God’s original intention for creating you), then you really haven’t started living.  

When Life Gets Crazy
Perhaps you already have a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and savior and have already begun to walk in His purpose for your life. Howbeit, there are moments when life feels overwhelming and somewhat out of place. 

In moments like that, we also need to find north.

North for us at this point, would be turning to Jesus for clear direction.
Stop letting your life get crowded by the demands of everyday life.  Yes, you’ve found Jesus or better still Jesus found you and has revealed his plan for your life. You’ve begun the journey towards to the right destination but you still need to constantly find and follow north(his will/lead/direction) every single day.

Some people are living on last year’s instruction. 
The map (the Holy Ghost) already found north and is leading them to the place of rest. 
However, events happen and they take/make the wrong turns, decisions and choices because they don’t remember to seek the Lord for direction TODAY.

Stop doing that honey.

Doubts, Fears & Trust
We got to a certain point and I directed my friend off the right route. It was the famous mile 2 area and I felt I really knew how to get up the bridge. LOL
The map indicated that we had to make “that turn” on the next bend but I insisted it was this first one which happened to be wrong in the end.
Guess what, I was afraid we were going to land in badagry if we kept going. 

Wasn’t it dumb for me to have doubted the map? It was that map that led us from the point of the unknown to the point of the known and just when we got to the known, I stopped trusting it!


Guess what…

My friend’s phone was charged now and so he turned on his map and it re-routed us to the same place my Google map had earlier pointed out.

We had to drive all the way back to the point where I misled us and finally took the right turn.

Did you know what forces came into play at that point? They were fear, doubt and Trust.

I became “dumbly” afraid that we were about to prolong our journey. I doubted the ability of the “dependable” map which had led us thus far.

And you know something?

The only reason my friend decided to follow my voice was because I sounded convincing and introduced doubts in his heart through my words. 

We sometimes follow the counsel of ignorant people who sound confident when  we could save ourselves the stress of their confusion by trusting the Lord who promised to take us our expected end!

·        For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV)

My friend had better confidence/trust in his phone’s map. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have heeded to my ignorant direction if it were his phone we were using because he has used it over and over again and don’t forget that the phone is already set to automatically tell North.

How many times do we suddenly let doubt and fear prolong our journey to rest? We doubt that God knows what He is doing and we fear that he is taking us through the wrong route.

We forget that He has led us thus far and if we were honest, we can attest to his trustworthiness. Why then do we (I’m speaking to myself too) keep allowing the enemy rob us of our Joy and peace on our God-Led destination?

I encourage you today to

·        Find North (God’s original intention for making you)
·        Stay connected (Stay up to the date with the Holyspirit. Seek His will per time and follow accordingly)
·         Trust the map (Rely on the HolySpirit all through the journey not only when it makes sense)

Have you read the book PROTHESIS Yet? It is an exposition on your destiny. In it you will
·        Learn details about God's perfect design for your life. 
·        Learn to let God lead you into His flawless purpose for you. 
·        Understand the link between your gifts/talents and your purpose. 
·        Understand the power and purpose of a personal covenant with God
·        Learn to walk in obedience to God's direction 
·        Get powerful glimpses into your destiny 
·        Be empowered to make your mark, be relevant and live fulfilled.
This book challenges you to move from where you are to where you ought to be - a glorious fulfilling life!  Look Inside the book Here

To that friend (if you’re reading this),
I’ll like to get “lost” with you again.  It was MEGA FUN and see how much I’ve learnt! I commend your wisdom in figuring out our North and leading us from the unknown to the known. Following you was rewarding.  THANK YOU!

Committed to your fulfillment
Anne Atulaegwu

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