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Photo Credit:ExtremeHealthRadio Life is like a menu at a restaurant. You find the familiar, the enticing, the predictable and the completely bland. While you peruse the menu you eventually have to make a choice and then place an order. The choices we make are like tossing a coin in the air. You can only hope for the side you want to land face up. You are not in total control of what side lands up or down. This uncertainty influences people to choose wisely or foolishly. Yeah, it depends on how they process situations. So below are 7 choices you might plan on making today or are already making that will definitely not favour your chances at  fulfilment /happiness (you take your pick) in the future. 1.    The choice to make decisions based on other people’s opinion We see things differently; therefore we process them differently. Your opinion will definitely be different from another person’s. However, You must be confident enough to view and process issues independ


If you are a girl/Lady/Woman with a heart for better in all aspects of life, this conference is for you!!! Tamar’s pouch conference   is an annual convergence of #RPI (Relevant, Purposeful, Influential) females during which vital issues such as self esteem, dating & Sex, ministry,marriage, abuse, hurts, purpose and career fulfillment goals are discussed among others. The conference is structured to teach a new skill-make-up, craft, design, home spa treatment and more.   Tamar's Pouch is on a mission to raise a generation of hurt free women, who are equipped to live fulfilled lives! Click Here  to Learn about us. "It’s our 7 TH Anniversary and I’m excitedly looking forward to hosting #RPI women from all over", says Anne Atulaegwu . When asked why there's a ticket to the conference unlike the others she hosts? She says, "I want the women to value the experience and Impact Tamar's Pouch offers. We are using a hall


A friend and I recently had to find our way from a certain location to another part of Lagos. Given that we were driving, we needed to be relatively sure of what route to take and all that. At the time, his phone was down and we had to turn to mine. Thank God for Google maps. “We have to find north”, my friend said. He held out my phone, expecting to locate north and have us headed to our destination. Well it turned out my little sleek (phone) didn’t exactly tell us where north was because it hadn’t been set. I’m glad he was wise enough to figure out where north was and got us started on our journey. I was left wondering what all my A scores in geography class back in high school was for. Trust me guys, if I were the only one in that car? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have known how to use that map.   What did I now learn in secondary school na? (In my girly voice) I laughed at myself o. Ehn, I agree I’m probably a map olodo (Yoruba word for a dunce) but


The plan of the diligent lead surely to abundance but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty.” Proverbs 21:5(NIV ) At age 6, my sister and I used to play grown-ups. We would invade my momma‘s wardrobe and wear her clothes, shoes and even her bra (I‘m feeling shy). I used to get a dress, pad it up on my chest and wear her bra on it. I would then wear a top belonging to her (mom) and go stand in front of the mirror. I would stand there admiring myself and trying to sound like an adult. I dreamt of becoming a grown-up like mom. I was quite in a haste to become an adult. When I grew up, I realized there was nothing about adulthood to hurry into. Adulthood is filled with responsibilities and cold realities of the teacher called experience. I‘m a grown woman now, with actual mammary glands rather than a cloth –in momma‘s-bra. However, the story didn‘t end up so smoothly for some girls who tried to hurry into adulthood too. I heard of a girl whose mammary gl