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Oh Success! The secret longing and sometimes, boldly stated ambition of men. It’s amazing how our longing to succeed on a course could set us up for huge sacrifices but this one thing called “emotional attachment” keeps standing in the way. I recently zoomed in on the life of someone I admire a lot. He was the king of a nation called Judah, in bible times. After a season of reckless fornication (the people worshipping and acknowledging other gods rather than GOD ALMIGHTY), under the leadership of those who didn’t care much about what GOD thought; this friend of mine became King. His name was King Jehoshaphat. Israel and Judah had been at war in the days of King Asa (Jehoshaphat’s Father) and funny enough even God was on Judah’s side against Israel. (2 chronicles 16:1-10) A few years later, when King Jehoshaphat took over Judah, the first thing He did was that HE STRENGTHENED himself against Israel- KEEP THIS IN MIND (2 chronicle 17:1) Obviously, God was with Him

#SaveAgirlChild Twitter Edition

So verbal Abuse have become one of the most common ills of our society. I see young women and men walking around with head bowed and shoulders cupped. This bothers me. So on May 23rd, @mimiPneuma and @AtulaegwuAnne thrashed out the virus! See how the conversation went on Twitter ·          AtulaegwuAnne  Exquisite people of the finest calibre! make welcome  @mimiPneuma  as she exposes us to EFFECTS OF VERBAL ABUSE  #SaveAgirlChild ·          mimiPneuma  Thanks  @AtulaegwuAnne  .Good evening everyone and a hearty welcome to this tweetinar. #SaveAgirlChild ·          mimiPneuma  In the next less than an hour, we'd be looking at the effects of verbal abuse. Stay put!  @AtulaegwuAnne #SaveAgirlChild ·          mimiPneuma  VERBAL ABUSE. Let's understand what it's all about.  @AtulaegwuAnne   #SaveAgirlChild o     mimiPneuma  Any language or behavior that coerces its victim to doubt their perceptions or abilities is Verbal Abuse. @AtulaegwuAnne