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Oh how I love rock music! I'm not sure if it is the guitar or the voice of the singer or the Violin when they decide to twist it; I just know that rock music speaks to my heart. #Grinning Do I have "Rock Lovers" in the house?? Please give a shout out loudly to the Lord!!! Gloreeeeeey!! Yea! Okay, let’s get to business. I love to worship #Jesus! I mean, isn't He just extremely perfect?!  He is the only one who worship befits and He enjoys it more when you (the worshipper) are having a good time/fun doing it. Talking about time, when do you have your devotion/quiet time/Jesus time or Romance with the King as I call it time? I love to do early hours of the morning like 4 am and so.  However, I must let you know that some of my perfect devotion moments are unplanned. I'm talking about times when I “miss” the king (not because I got disconnected though. I’m very emotional about Christ) and in between the day's activities you paus


Lemonade drink is a refreshingly satisfying drink made from lemon/lime. Remember the tingly-set-your-teeth-on-edge fruit? Most people will never leak a lemon or lime directly as they would an orange. As “unpleasant” as lime/lemon seem, a toss of sugar and water improves the thing! The lemonade principle states that life is packed with uncertainties. Hence, when faced with the unexpected bad, you must create an expected good. It refers to the ability to create favourable conditions from unfavourable ones. Perhaps you just had a really bad day, or you’re grieving the loss of a relationship, job, opportunity or even the death of a loved one. It might even be that the answer to your prayers seems to be taking too long. Don’t worry. Life hits us hard at times. You are not the only one who has had to cry over something. We all do. I’m about to show you seven (7) ingredients you need to toss into the lemon life has offered, so you can   enjoy   each season of your lif


PHOTO CREDIT: He tucked her up in bed, kissed her on the forehead and walked away. It was a long night. Not because the hours doubled up but because she couldn’t curtail her excitement. Amanda had just come to the home of a man whose love transcended the vowels of her emotions. He was tall, dark with broad shoulders. He wore his hair some inches grown and had eyes as charming as lavender. She couldn’t stop thinking about how bravely he fought for her. He had hit Sinda - her age long master, so hard he could never reach for her again. Deathrude tried to stop him but this man ripped the hell outta him. “Who is he? Where did he come from? She couldn’t stop wondering. Amanda recalled the events of the day with a huge grin on her face. She had spent 38 years in Losting - A city where nothing could breathe without the beatings from Deathrude, and the mindless throat squeeze from Sinda. She thought about moments when Sinda nearly ripped her chest


Hey, Thanks for checking in! Let me guess something… You are probably on this page because it’s me right? Well I’m not so dumb to believe that. I believe you hit this page because something inside of you wants more than life appears to be bringing your way. You know there is more to your present abilities and you are ready to learn, encounter, know what it takes to be better at who you are and what you do. Well, I’m not a seer (you never can tell though); so if the above is true about you, keep reading. If it isn’t? Feel free to hit the close tab on your browser. I’m primarily  gifted to birth purpose  in the heart of people seeking direction in life,  graced to teach  them to nurse the vision they see and  anointed to prophetically empower  them to live fulfilled. I understand that my  birthing purpose, nursing vision, fulfilling destiny assignment  isn’t to everyone.  I’m sent to  young ( with the capacity to envision ) people  who desire to be  releva