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Anne Atulaegwu Worshipping the Risen Christ @ Eagle's Soar Conference 2016 Wow! Is that time of the year when heaven rings the bell to remind us (Christians) of how we ought to focus on bringing the lost back to #CHRIST. The death of Jesus isn’t where the story ended when he walked the earth over 2000 years ago. His death and burial was more like the prelude to the powerful reality of Life - The price of man’s sin was paid off in full!! Oh, how amazing it is to know that #TheBlood of #Christ is not a fairy tale nor some old wife fable. It the real deal.The highest truth of all existence that offers eternal life and value to anyone who believes and confesses that JESUS paid for their soul. Here are  the top ten (10) remarkable songs (in no particular order) about all that easter represents.I hope they provoke you to lay flat before the King who loved you and gave himself for you.... XOXO 1. Forever by kari Jobe “The moon and stars they wept The morning su

THE ASSIGNMENT (Course/mentoring)

THE ASSIGNMENT (MENTORING SESSION) Course Provider: Birthplace Mentoring School (BPMS) Mentor: Anne Atulaegwu Delivery Method: Online Date: April 4th to April 17th 2016 Duration: 14 days Investment: NGN 2000 COURSE DETAILS Over the course of 8 modules spanning two (2) weeks, youths of all levels just like you, will learn about the executive agenda of the father and be empowered to become effective kingdom representatives in their world. This course is aimed at those who wish to matter to God on the end time agenda, contribute to national transformation, by out pacing secular distractions and growing themselves for multiplied productivity. OBJECTIVE At the end of the session, you should be able to clearly 1. Understand your calling 2. Position your life for industrial and National relevance 3. Execute the will of God in any facet of life HIGHLIGHTS  Eight (8) precise modules  Course suitable for all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced Christians