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REV. MRS FUNKE FELIX-ADEJUMO ITUNU IS BORN     Sounds like clusters hit His ears Men in flusters called His name Send us help they prayed Seasons in luster hit the earth January in truster saw the need Send this One your aide Peace kissed the earth Colours twist in stars Hope Knits our hearts Itunu is born! Pretty as the Son Wise like the father Gracious as the Spirit Itunu is born! Greater than Great Wealthier than wealth Fruitful than fruits Itunu is born! Our Living Legend Our Loving Mother Our Lulling Mentor Itunu is born! REV. MRS FUNKE FELIX-ADEJUMO Iya mi long after you are gone (AT THE FULLNESS OF TIME O), the world won’t forget you. Not only because of the works, but because you truly love the father and it is written that the memory of the righteous is blessed..Proverbs 10:7 Happy birthday my mummy funke, you are pre

#SaveAgirlChild Project - A Tamar's Pouch Initiative

So the day finally came and we hosted the long awaited #SaveAgirlChild project in a certain Secondary school in Apapa. We had 185 students in attendance and gave out 185 copies of the book Tamar! The most remarkable part of this event was the love encounter God gave these precious girls. We had 178 decisions for CHRIST as Lord and Saviour that day!! It's such a privilege to see God comfort and heal these girls of the pain of rejection, diverse kind of abuse and stories they have never told anyone up until that day. I'm thanking everyone who gave a girl a copy of the book Tamar, We did this together. God bless you!!  Next High School Loading...... Anne Atulaegwu Speaking on RAPE RECOVERY Precious Girls taking Notes Anne Introducing members of the Team- Isiza Emmanuel Our Media-grapher lol Anne Introducing members of the Team- Ugochi Nwachukwu one of Our Rape Recovery and Emotional Healing School (RREHS) Facilitator


There are three platforms for fulfilling purpose- Pulpit, Secular or both. Most times, young people get confused wondering if they are meant for the pulpit like pastors or the secular world (organizations and industries). They don't know they could be for both or just one. Eagle's Soar is one of the Birthplace conferences where  young people are inspired, energized, tutored and dressed for God’s given mandate on their lives. THE ASSIGNMENT  (Eagle's Soar Conference 2016) offers clarity on our life's purposes and spiritual gifts necessary for fulfilling God's mandate on our lives. Do you sense a pull towards the fashion industry, entertainment, communications, oil and gas, ministry or whatever? Then you mustn't miss this year's conference! CLICK TO  REGISTER  HERE MEET THE SPEAKERS Princess Anne Atulaegwu is an inspiring personality with a huge passion to see YOU live ful