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A promise is a verbal or written commitment by one person to another, agreeing to do (or not to do) something in the future. It gives grounds for feeling hopeful about the future. In this month of September - The Month of MULTIPLE GLORY, we are going to pay attention to the promises that God has made to us personally or through His word. Several times scripture continue to prove that God is faithful, never forgets His promise and watches over His word to perform it. So what happens when He says its time for something to be and we continue to come face to face with disappointments, delays and the un-tell-able? The fault is never with God. Yes I know, we get angry at Him sometimes but it is really never His fault. So this month, God has laid it on my heart to pray with my sisters on TAMAR'S POUCH concerning the fulfillment of His promises. We are going to align ourselves with His will as we take authority over every cause of delay, frustrations or shame hold