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“Men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do...” 1 chronicles 12:32

In the course of destiny, there are seasons and times, just as the earth has seed time and harvest. It is important for us to know the season we are in as we walk with God for the fulfilment of purpose.

“There is a time for everything and a season for everything under heaven.” Eccl 3:1

A season is the period when something most often happens and a time is the specific moment it happens. Rainy season is the period in the year when rain falls. However, it doesn’t rain every second in that season. It rains at specific times. It might rain between 4 am and 5am on Wednesday but not rain for the rest of the day.

Wednesday is in the season but the moment between 4am and 5am is the time.
 It is one thing to know that the season for a particular level of glory or responsibility has come in your life. It is another thing for you to know the moment (time) it comes.

Before it rains, clouds usually gather to show it is about to rain. Sometimes, there are no clouds (visible sign). Whether the clouds make a fuss about the next rain or not, only the sensitive can know. Likewise at one time it might be evident what season you are in and at the other time, you will need a greater degree of sensitivity to be able to discern what season it is. Because these seasons are not static, we need to stay alert!

 Dr. Mike Murdock said that the difference between seasons is instruction.
How can you hear the instruction if you are too distracted to hear God? Sometimes we actually hear the instruction but we discard it because it sounds weird. You don’t know what instruction holds your next season of glory; so pay attention and walk in obedience at all times. When your season is come, the enemy would do his best to distract you. Your mind might begin to feel like it can’t take anymore; everything around you might appear to be getting worse. That is not the time to stop praying. Even if you stopped praying, start praising. Ensure that your mind is stayed on God. Satan knows that if he can get your peace of mind switched off, he can deafen your spiritual ears. Don’t pay attention to his distractions. Fix your mind on God. See this,

 “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3

The word Perfect peace is Salom in Hebrew. It means to be safe, be complete, be in health, security, and tranquility. The above scripture means trust is a decision which enables our minds to focus on God; an act which brings safety, completeness, health, security and tranquility.

Mathematically: Decision =Trust = steadfast mind = perfect peace

You make the DECISION to TRUST God, that decision strengthens your mind and make it FIXED ON GOD; finally God rewards you with PERFECT PEACE.

If you don’t want to miss your season and time, you must choose to trust God irrespective of Satan’s distractions. It’s funny how we claim to trust God and yet doubt his ability and willingness to keep His promises. When you trust someone, you have an unwavering confidence in their person, integrity and ability.

God is bigger than you and your dreams. He birthed His purpose in your heart; He will perfect his plan. He is worthy of trust. That ministry is not bigger than God. Don’t let the crisis distract you.

BE ALERT and correctly discern the season!

Let’s look at two different seasons common to most purposes.


“...a time to plant and a time to uproot.” Eccl. 3:2b

This is a season when God expects us to plant. That is the time to either sow seeds of prayers, services, finance, time, love, tolerance, faithfulness or loyalty. The planting season common to most purposes is in those days of little beginnings.

At certain times in your life, God may be asking you to pray more, fast more, and visit some people more often. These times are planting seasons. Whatever God emphasizes in your life at this time is the million dollar secret to your next level. Don’t joke with it.


This is usually the most critical time in one’s purpose. Anyone sleeping at this time is bound to lose the rewards of his planting season.

Abraham was one man who was alert on his day of visitation. For many years, he and his wife Sarah had prayed and sought for children. There were times when they hoped it would happen and yet it didn’t. But when the time came, scripture records that certain men visited Abraham.

“The LORD appeared to Abraham near the great trees of mamre while he was sitting at the entrance to his tent in heat of the day. Abraham looked up and saw three men standing nearby. When he saw them, he hurried from the entrance of his tent to meet them and bowed low on the ground. He said, “If I have found favor in your eyes, my lord, do not pass your servant by. Let a little water be brought and then you may all wash your feet and rest under this tree...”
Genesis 18:1-3

Now, the bible did not tell us what God said to Abraham when He appeared to him, but it is obvious that Abraham had just finished communicating with God and was outside the entrance of his tent. I would like us to pay attention to the phrase “looked up” in verse 2. This reveals that Abraham was alert after his time with God. If he still had his eyes down, he would not have seen those men.

“... and Abraham looked up and saw....” Genesis 18:2

We must be alert to the happenings in our environment or our lives. Sometimes we communicate with God but are not alert to our time of visitation. If your heart and mind is still looking and meditating on the struggle and challenges around, you are definitely not looking up but down.

One time God said to me, “My love, you keep saying that you are looking up to me. You can’t look up to me and have your face frowned in despair and your heart bowed in fear.” Immediately, I remembered the scripture which says. “Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.” Psalm 34:5.

It was then I realized that I was looking down at the challenges surrounding me. Look up and behold your season of visitation.

God Hates It When We Are Not Alert.

When the children of Israel were about to go against the Midianites, God asked Gideon to take them to the river for a test on their ability to stay alert.

“So Gideon took the men down to the water. There the Lord told him, “Separate those who lap the water with their tongue like a dog from those who kneel down to drink.”  Judges 7:5

God asked Gideon to send home those men who knelt down to drink because while they knelt to drink, they would not see the arrow of the enemy coming towards them.

On the other hand, those who lap with their hands (took water from the stream with their hands and drank with quick movement of the tongue) were chosen by God to partake in delivering Israel from the hands of the Philistines.

Can you decipher what season you are in, on fulfilling purpose? Do you know what is required of you at this time? To correctly decipher the season and time you are in, you must develop and maintain a close relationship with the Holy spirit. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit will guide us.

“But when He, the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. He will not speak of his own; He will speak only what He hears, and He will tell you what is yet to come.” John 16:13

Let him lead you. Let him reveal the season and times to you. Let him guide your confessions. Do not talk yourself out of purpose. Train your spirit and mind to soundly discern the season and speak/ act in agreement with God.
Stay alert!




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