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I just got done having a girl's talk at a popular high school in the area. This young woman walked up to me and with a tear filled eyes she said, "All you said got to me ma. I want to live for God. However, I'm attracted to girls and when people know they frown at me so bad. If countries like South Africa and the others approve of it. Then, what's wrong with being gay?" My heart cringed inside of me. I knew that at this point, I cant just say God hates it so must you. I needed to answer her question in the same logical way it came. This was in 2013. Popping up on CNN was the decision of the supreme court as having legalized same sex marriage all over the United states. My mind raced to the young girl who said,  "If countries like South Africa and the others approve of it. Then, what's wrong with being gay?" America is a world figure, She influences most action of the other nations in the world. Through changing generations, Americ


Virtually every one on earth is in dire search for fulfilment. When we wake up in the morning, memories of the previous day floods into our minds, then the  dream from the night and the reality of the new day follows afterwards. As these things happen, our soul longs for a satisfying experience. One that completely alleviates its pain and increases its Joy. This makes most people seek for guidance from something or anyone with the ability to see the future. We believe that if we are aware of the future, we can make choices that will avert disaster and increase our chances of success and eventual fulfilment. What we might not know is that there is a right and wrong way of seeking guidance concerning our lives. This holds inexcusably for Christians. Horoscope is fast becoming popular and readily available. According to Wikipedia,  A  horoscope  is an  astrological  chart or diagram representing the positions of the  Sun ,  Moon ,  planets ,  astrological aspects

FLYING HIGH- annechrist series

Standing before you I feel you  Looking up to you, I see you Gently  Calmly your warm look soothes my pain Till it's gone all gone away You are crystal, So crystal clear You are charming, You make my heart miss beats You are tender, Your touch sends me flying high above CHRIST I love you all my days  Leaning upon you, I read you  Seeing your will, I know you Sweetly  Strongly your firm hands lead the way Till I'm there There with you You are wisdom So wise as none You are freedom You make my spirit free You are exact Your voice sends me flying high above CHRIST I love you all my days Facing the nations ,I have you Changing the seasons for my good  Surely, richly your embrace settles me In the fuel of passion for you  You are handsome So handsome You are attractive You take my breath away You're unchanging Your style sends me flying high above CHRIST I love you all my days   Breathing inside you, I am you Walking beside you I have you Cutely, fr


I felt as cold as a frozen chicken. I couldn't feel my heart beat. Tears of a soulish death filled my eyes but they wouldn't flow down. They didn't know the way down cos my lashes seemed frozen too. I looked at Him with such ...I don't know cos I could only see the pain I was going through. "I could never trust you again. I'm so hurt and it is because you have betrayed me." I yelled at Him. He tried to speak but I shut my ears. He pulled my arms and I pulled away. I had stated my point and that was all that mattered. His pleas or tender words were inconsequential at the moment. That was a while ago...   Recently, I saw a court appearance.The judge didn't permit anyone to speak according to the drive of their heart's content. They must follow the ORDER or be thrown out. I got on my knees and said to Him, "Abba, I wasn't orderly during those times. I spoke to you disrespectfully. I'm deeply sorry." Laughi