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The 1 thing your admirer wont tell you

Interviewer: Gosh you are young! We gotta have you at our conference. Anne: Oh thanks. You look good by the way. Interviewer: Thanks Anne. Ummh, How is school? Anne: School? School was great Interviewer: Oh sorry, I didn't know you had graduated. Have you served? Anne: Yes Interviewer: Wow. I didn't guess that much. When was that? Anne: Graduated 4years ago and served the following year. Interviewer: Wow ma. You look really younger.The youths at our ministry have to listen to you. ********* ********** ******** ** Scenario 2: Interviewer: I saw your video on youtube  and I couldn't stop wondering how you got to this level at a young age. You have blessed my life. Please come speak at our conference in August. Anne: Glory to Christ.Thank you dear. I would love to come if the Lord permits. ***** ****** ***** ***** **** Scenario 3  Interviewer: I was at your conference ma and I must say God came through you for me while you spoke. Honestly

Become an #RPI woman!

Being a woman is cool but being an #RPI(Relevant, Purposeful, Influential) woman is the way to go! Join other #RPI females at the 2015 TAMAR'S POUCH CONFERENCE. Theme:R3! (Refreshed, Renewed, Restored) Date: May 30th, Saturday Time: 10:45am Venue: Abundant House auditorium, 5 AGBC avenue off fasasi street, by newroad bustop, Olodi Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria Tamar's pouch conference 2015 flyer Tamar's Pouch conference combines the creative ability of God with the restorative power of the cross to provide rejuvenating stimulation of your glory in destiny. It is ideal for any woman with a hunger for life's best! SESSIONS INCLUDE In-to-me see with God Gele tying Lessons Finace/Business Investment Home Spa Treatment Shop 4 Free (clothes and Jewelries) REGISTRATION FREE: #500 (regular) - Basic conference package #1000(VIP) - Deluxe conference package PLUS New DVD Teaching on THE RPI CODE conference package, # 2000(VVIP)- Premi