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So you think YOU AIN'T WORTH IT??
I had just laid in bed. My heart raced through the event of the day. It was more of an appraisal than a casual "memory review".
"Did I hit Father's Target for my life today? Was the mandate on the Birthplace EFFECTIVELY EXECUTED?"

I wondered....

I scrolled through my phone in search of nothing in particular. I wasnt sure if I should read my mobile bible. I had spent a bulk of my time studying the scriptures and I had just returned from bible study at the church.
"Should I Play Candy Crush Saga?" I thought.

Undecided, I landed on my photos. I was simply looking for the appriopriate one for my next post online. I didnt seem to find any in particular and so headed for my videos.
I came across this one which i have shared below. Someone had sent it to me on whatsapp some days back. I hadnt had the time to view it until this moment.

My heart broke at the end of this video.
See the video here 

I thought about how those grains could never be recovered.
So the devil has ceaselessly launched his devices against you.
You have ran, cried and sought shades under "seed sowing", all kinds of fastings, Endless night prayers, ceaseless tonguing and what have you.
Inspite of all that,The enemy is still at it.

Like the little boy for whose grain the birds desperately chase him; SO DOES THE ENEMY CHASE YOU FOR YOUR SUBSTANCE (DESTINY)!!!

You think you aint worth the chase?
THINK AGAIN, baby....

You coming out of one challenge and the next one hits you. You doing everything right and yet it just aint turning out as you expect.
"Cant God hear my cries?" You ask.

No adult came along.
What would the adult have done anyway? BIRDS DONT HEAR ENGLISH, SO DOES THE ENEMY.

Your Pastors cant seem to pray off the enemy and his ceaseless atacks.
They just aint showing up enough to bring the chase to an end.
Some have even assumed that you might be cursed or are been afflicted by demonic ties made by your fore fathers. Others have said you are possessed.
How frustrated and alone you have felt for years.

Listen Destined,

Another child tried scaring the birds away but the birds IGNORED HIM and went straight on for the boy with the grains.
Your friend, co-ministers, business mates or classmates and siblings don't have the same SUBSTANCE(DESTINY) as you. This is why the enemy ain't giving them as much pressure as he is unleashing at you.

You have a priceless mandate
You have an excellent calling
You have an intimidating vision
You have a glorious destiny and
You have a threshing anointing

Do you still think you aren't worth the chase?

Just before you contemplate on DASHING YOUR GRAINS to the devourers of destiny.
Remember these

1. Destiny's battle is a fight to the finish. He who puts his hand on the plough and looks back is UNFIT...

2. The promise is obtained through FAITH and PERSEVERANCE.

3.The SUBSTANCE is the ONLY WORTH on your life. If a salt loses its saltiness it is good for nothing than to be trampled on foot by men

4. God doesn't start a project that HE WOULDN'T OR CAN'T FINISH.The One who called you is FAITHFUL and HE WILL bring it to pass.

5. YOU CAN FINISH WELL. It is God who works in you to will and to do of HIS GOOD PLEASURE


See the video here 

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Committed to Your Destiny,

Anne Atulaegwu

Anne Atulaegwu


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