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What State Is Your Vision?

It is dangerous for one to just sit there saying “I got a vision”. There is need for you to take a look at the state of the vision in your heart from time to time. Even Jesus talked about being watchful. Ask yourself, does the thought of my vision still propel energy for fulfillment? If not, one or more of the following might be the state of your vision. The sleeping vision: This is a state where the vision and its carrier lack a drive. The carrier may not even know that a vision is buried in his spirit; he therefore, takes the presence of an interest in something to be “normal”. The maimed vision: One in which the vision has been seriously hampered from manifesting due to terrible mistakes on the part of the carrier or attacks from hell. The stale vision: In this case, the carrier does nothing to improve on his past efforts. He settles for less than the potential of his vision. The vision becomes stagnant and turns stale. You know a vision has gone stale w


BE MY GUEST OF HONOUR   You have a Destiny You have a Unique Assignment. Are you set for the CHECKPOINT ? Join us  at the 2015 EAGLE'S SOAR CONFERENCE Date: Saturday March, 21 2015 Time: 10:10 am Venue: Abundant House of Grace, Auditorium , 5 AGBC Avenue off fasasi street by Newroad bustop, Olodi Apapa Lagos This event is free however, we encourage you to register here to secure your free conference pack Meet The Speakers                   Mathew 'Femi' Adedoyin is a polymath and a blend of gifts. He is an internationally known abstinence advocate a dynamc and prolific teacher, a humorist a strategist an astute speaker, an intellectual blogger, a child psychologist and a shrewd Sexual-preneur. He is one of the youngest and finest sex recovery experts in Africa. He is referred to as the "Apostle of Sexology" due to his ardent fight for human sexual purity and a healthy sex life. In 2013 he was a