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THE JOSEPHIC LAW- 5 Infallible rules of promotion

1. Recognize Your Source and Channels    Take a look at the picture above. What do  you see? A partridge or a girl's lips and nose? Even though people might not recognize the tree and the nest of the birds because it appears to be a lady's hair, the birds know exactly where they are going. In life, people would not always have the right perception of you. However, it will be to your detriment if you let their perception sway you off your feet. Potiphera saw a six-packed, fine faced dude with excellent leadership qualities in Joseph. From these qualities she perceived that he would be a "hot-sex-mate". Joseph knew he had all those qualities but he didnt let potiphera's perception make him go blind on God as his source and potiphar as his channel of promotion. Joseph's ability to RECOGNIZE that a master placed him over his house, enabled him to see sex with Potiphera as wickedness against his channel and sin against h


  THE MARRIAGE DEPARTMENT It felt so good to finally be in a place of absolute peace and satisfaction. It was a very tall mansion. I had imagined it would be a simple room. I was wrong. James jolted me off my wonder land. “How long do you think we would be here, honey?” He asked.  “Forever”, I replied.  “I love you enough to stay forever”, I added.      James loved my reply. He was also determined to stay  with me forever. The first few storeys were not quite easy. I had to daily work at understanding James. I could also see that he made some efforts to love and honor me as I desired. There were times I felt like getting off this department and returning to the relationship department; but when I remember how long it took me to get here, the thoughts of quitting just turn useless. “My love”, James called when we got on the 3 rd storey. “I am so happy to be with you. You completely complete me and the journey at this department would have made

Women on the winning Edge 2015

JOIN ME AT THIS EVENT It is a huge blessing to have this conference hosted in Lagos state. I am more than excited and can not keep the news to myself. I am talking about the Women on the Winning Edge Conference hosted by my Mother and Mentor, Reverend Mrs Funke Felix Adejumo . The event is scheduled as follows: FRIDAY, 16TH JAN – WINNING EDGE DAY 1 – 4PM SATURDAY, JAN 17TH  – WINNING EDGE DAY 2 – 9AM SUNDAY, 18TH JAN – AFRICAN PRAISE NIGHT – 3PM Why you should attend This conference is a godly calling to all women to pump self-confidence into them; to raise godly women who will build good homes, raise Godly children, be wealthy, and stand toe to toe with other women of various cadres without denying the faith. Your potentials as a woman is about to encounter destiny It is absolutely FREE Free Transportation is available for students on college/university Campuses in Lagos state  You would get a solution to any feminine/marital/career/ministerial challenge


FACE OF TAMAR'S POUCH PHOTO CONTEST I believe every woman is gorgeous and worth a second look. If you believe that about yourself, then Join in the # Tamarspouch Contest.  Tamar's pouch is a women focused ministry committed to helping women through peculiar challenges.  'Tamar' was the name of three women in the bible(Tamar- the daughter-in-law of Judah,Tamar-King David's daughter,Tamar-Absalom's daughter ) whose stories connect with the experiences of today's women. These women were denied their rights, raped , and raised into oblivion respectively . GO HERE TO SUBMIT PHOTOS AND ENTER CONTEST  'Tamar' is the Hebrew word for PALM TREE and a POUCH is were valuables are kept. Hence, At Tamar's pouch , women are raised to live out the fullness of God's design for their lives; understanding that like the palm tree, no part(looks,dreams,aspirations,dispositions,experiences etc) of the woman is a waste. GO HE