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What a pretty day and the most significant part of existence. My heart skips beats in excitement. I hope I don’t faint.  The thing is, this GORGEOUS GOD is the reliable thread by which my bones are knitted together. How dare I lose excitement on a day like this? See, this JESUS CHRIST as the world knows Him, is actually the WORD OF THE FATHER; upon whom the entire world firmly stand.  Awww, what a GIGANTIC GOD.  I met Him 16 years ago on my way to Destruction. He revealed himself to me as the SENSE IN LIFE. I decided to follow because I had being a proper M-U-M-U up until that moment.   Hmmmm… My dear, only the original movie can help you understand what it means for FATHER'S LOVE to come as man in an animal zoo “abi” manger. It was not a funny something o. Person that is ANCIENT OF DAYS now made to live in a small world were they assume he was 33.5 years old at death.  Hahahahaa It thoroughly beats my imagination to think that the world equates


It is with a heart filled with extreme gratitude that I write this. I look back at my ministry calendar in 2014 and all I can see is how your love, prayers, financial gifts and support made the vision a reality. When the Lord told me about our responsibilities in 2014, I felt very inadequate and incapable of taking them up. I didn’t know He had a reliable team waiting to help establish His purpose. Thank you so much for letting God use you to Birth purpose , Nurse vision and Fulfill destiny in 2014. Together , we successfully hosted 3 conferences- Eagle Soar in March, Tamar’s pouch in April and Teen Edge in June. Together , we inspired well over 100 young people to commit to God’s purpose for their lives. Together , we led 60 people to confess and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Together , we mentored 5 young people at the Birthplace mentoring Schoo l, equipping them to fulfill their purposes effectively. Together , we stood in the place of